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5 Home Office Essentials in times of Coronavirus

Home office essentials are on everyone’s lips (behind the masks) these days. More and more people are working from home in these trying times of the coronavirus pandemic we’re all experiencing. If you’re one of the newly recruited people to work from home instead of the office, then you must be wondering: what do you actually need to become comfortable working from home?

From remote work to home office 

We’ve all seen (and maybe secretly envied) people who can work from anywhere with just their laptops and smartphones. But nowadays, under the light of the coronavirus pandemic, home office work is becoming a “must have” for many industries. 

The difference between someone who powers their laptop anywhere and slides right into work and someone who is now forced to work from home is remarkable. It’s not about the freedom of working from anywhere anymore, it’s about our safety and that of everyone around us. 

So what are the home office essentials that keep you safe and comfortable? 

1. Technology 

Your laptop or computer – it’s now more important than ever to have all the needed technology that helps you get work done in time. Think about what you need during the workday and get everything ready from the beginning, so you don’t waste any precious time. 

Safety measures online – the simplicity of now having to worry about your online security is often overlooked. Your important work must be backed up by a trustworthy online security system like an antivirus software, so that both you and your work are protected from viruses while you work from home. 

Back up your work – at home you might not have the luxury of co-workers that can help if anything goes wrong, so don’t forget to backup your work. 

2. Dedicated home office space 

You might think that working from your bed or kitchen table is easy and fun, but this is only true in the beginning. While enthusiasm might have you moving your home office around the house, it’s important to know that a dedicated home office space has many benefits in the long run. Working from a comfortable, dedicated home office space keeps you on track mainly because of the automated behaviour it can create Everytime you sit down for work, your brain already knows what to expect and can more easily get into that working flow you need to be able to focus on the tasks at hand. 

3. Time for work: dedicated and disciplined

Office hours seem harder to keep at home with all the distractions surrounding us. You might remember about the unwashed dishes in the sink or that you forgot to buy toilet paper. Interruptions like these might create work overload if you give in to the distractions. This is why it’s important to dedicate set times for your home office work as if you were still back at the office. Write down any ideas popping up in your mind and set them aside for later, when you’re scheduled to take a break or finish work for the day. You wouldn’t have run home to do the dishes if you were at the office, now would you? 

4. Distraction-free time

With all the modern distractions, it might seem hard to focus on the workload during office hours. Setting up distraction-free times and pauses is a necessary step in creating a home working schedule you can enjoy. Use airplane mode and mute notifications on your smartphone before you start working. Also allow only specific times set beforehand for pauses and get back to work when the pause is up. This way it will be easier to create a home office discipline so you don’t have to rely on fleeing motivation. 

5. Take breaks to relax and reset

If your office hours didn’t quite allow you to take breaks to reset, your new home office lifestyle lets you create a discipline that you can be proud of. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that “it will work itself out” or you will find yourself stuck in an endless loop of … Set exact times during the workday to get up, stretch, walk around and eat. Your body and mind work best when they’re being taken care of. You will see that working from home is a chance to recalibrate and decide what’s best for you and become happier and more disciplined in the process. 

Now we’re curious: what are YOUR home office essentials and how do you stick to your routine? 

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