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11 Easy Ways to Flaunt Brick Walls in the Home Office

Exposed brick wall office ideas for the home are what keeps this trend going – that and people’s love for the raw nature of bricks displayed on a wall.

These 11 easy ways to showcase brick walls in your own WFH setup can help you find the perfect combination that sparks your creativity when it comes to applying it to your own home.

Brick Walls in the Home Office

Brick walls are timeless and modern home office design gets to borrow a little charm from historic homes that flaunted exposed brick walls back in the day. Whether we remember old brick houses or brightly colored brick walls, there is something more than charming about their appeal.

Industrial design uses brick walls to drive a wild nature, while whitewashed brick walls can make the space look charming. Let’s explore 11 easy ways to flaunt brick walls in the home office:

  1. Keep it simple and quality driven: brick walls painted black

Black painted brick walls can help you create a powerful vibe in a home office space that imposes professionalism. Simplicity is key when creating bold space arrangements.

Using the texture of the exposed brick wall to contrast natural daylight coming from dark framed windows was a stunning home office design idea you can borrow for yourself.

Designed by MockupRender

2. Consider dark brick walls and home office separation

You can create a separate corner in the living space where you can fit a desk and chair, maybe some smart storage space.

A glass wall and/or curtains can create some privacy and keep the work visually separated from the rest of the home living space. Brick walls painted black give off a sober atmosphere, but they can be tamed to showcase modern charm.

Visualized by Evgeny Zjuba

3. Build a full brick wall as background for a double home office

This beautiful example of a modern home office for two flaunting a white painted exposed brick wall is inspiration for your own WFH setup.

Lighting the brick wall up can be that one step higher towards better home office design and adding contrasting colors to brick walls painted white can balance the whole space.

More ideas: How to Share Your Home Office: 8 Dark Designs

Visualized by OFDA

4. Place the double home office desk near the whitewashed brick wall

Adding a small work desk for two in a corner of your home can be well blended in. Or this home office setup can be boldly defined with bold colored (even transparent) chairs.

An eclectic home design allows you to mix and match furniture and decorations and enjoy more styles at the same time.

Designed by Chango & Co

5. Attic brick walls help shape private home office

If your attic space is private enough to build a home office in, start taking measurements. A brick wall display can help you keep a connection to an elegant home design where function is prioritized and form is what brings it all together.

Paint everything white in order to contrast the raw brick wall and let sunlight in if you have big bright windows. Also, slanted walls are an amazing way to have your charm fitted right under the inclined roof ceiling – it feels cozy and romantic.

More inspiration: 10 Illuminated Home Workspaces Under Slanted Ceilings

Designed by Zrobym Architects

6. Use quality brick wall details to shape your dream home office

Rounded brick wall corners are a charming detail that makes the modern design of your home stand out even more.

It’s always the details that you remember from any loved space and this brick wall shaped around the corner is meant to underline the well lit exquisite metal shelves.

Designed by Archiplastica

7. Mix industrial style with deep elegant furniture and materials

While displaying a brick wall, a concrete ceiling and wooden floors, this home office example also showcases how one big colorful armchair can easily change the industrial vibe into a more inviting, romantic version of the same space.

Imagine writing a novel in this space, with your modern industrial desk design under your laptop and then taking an inspiration break on the terrace just outside.

Designed by BODES Studio

8. Display an iconic desk design to contrast raw brick walls

The iconic Airia Desk contrasts the “never quite finished” look in this industrial home office. Raw brick walls were lined with framed photography, giving them more sense in a highly artistic interpretation.

The art is what matters and there is beauty in work in progress also. Art is always present in any part of the creative process.

More inspiration: Ultimate work sophistication: Herman Miller Airia Desk

Designed by Adrienne DeRosa

9. Rethink your small space in terms of functionality and grace

Urban lofts can display more function within the same open space. In a smaller loft, lined with raw brick walls, a combination between a living area, bedroom and home office makes the space look romantic and elegant.

More inspiration: 10 Balcony Home Offices: Small Workspace Inspiration

Designed by Luiz Fernando Grabowsky

10. Flaunt tall brick walls in light-flooded loft

If you have a loft space that’s rather tall, a vertical brick wall makes the space look more imposing. In the example below, a huge glass wall floods the space with natural light.

A platform raises the home office corner from the lower bedroom area, all designed in tones of grey and light wood.

More inspiration: 10 Modern Bedroom Workspaces In Light Grey and Wood

Designed by Denis Karandiuk

11. Paint brick walls white and set up an industrial home office

Within a bedroom home office, a brick wall painted in white can bring in more light. A background like whitewashed brick walls allows for a beautiful contrast of colorful furniture, even if you keep it in the pastels range of tones.

A Tolix chair makes any industrial design feel vibrant thanks to the history it shelters within its shape. See how different vintage elements come together to create a modern bedroom home office in the example below.

More inspiration: 100 Work-From-Home Bedroom Design Solutions

Visualized by Vic Nguyen

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