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10 Home Workspaces Flashing Exposed Brick Walls

Some home workspaces allow exposed brick walls to define different emotions and moods.

Exploring spaces where exposed brick walls are used as central pieces helps us enjoy different ways in which the raw brick can shape living and working environments.

A space does not need to exude an overall industrial feel to accomodate the roughness of a brick wall. Whether left in raw color or painted to complete the chosen color palette, brick walls lend a special feeling to a well-designed space.

Combining a raw timber desk with exposed brick walls reinforces the connextion to nature through design.

Brick walls + raw timber desk

A simple room with a big glass door accomodates a minimalist home office. Designers like Ira Lysiuk make sure to create the perfect working environment for every owner. An imposing raw timber desk opposes a stylish modern chaise lounge. Only the idea board casually leaning against the brick wall hints to the creativity needed to strip a space down to its naked minimalistic potential. See more of this workspace here.

White brick walls + elegant desk

Pure white walls can be boring if they lack texture. And what’s more simple and visually appealing than exposed brick walls? Contrasting the furniture style in this space visualised by Gennady Shmidt, white brick walls create a fun background for the elegant dark workdesk. See more photos of this home office nook right here.

Raw brick wall + Cityscapes

Visualized by Denis Karandiuk, this corner of a loft bedroom overlooking the city scape is the designer’s dream home. You can work with existing features like the exposed brick walls to create a lofty city industrial workspace design inspired by this architectural render.

Black brick wall + Skylights

Imagined by Ki Design, the home office above is a minimalist dream exploring all advantages of the space it occupies. The unusual corner of the house has slightly slanted skylights that shaped an opportunity for direct sunlight. The black brick wall contrasts against white walls and ceilings without worrying that it might create obscurity. A unique desk design in wood and white was accompanied by a cheerfully blue and wood desk chair.

Black Brick Wall + Warm Wood

This space above shelters the feeling of a raw balance between wood and walls of exposed brick painted in black. See it in its whole imposing invitation to work right here.

Neutral Color Palette + Brick + Wood 

In a light flooded spacious bedroom that invites to coziness through the soft neutral color palette, the industrial workspace creates an edgy, focused energy. Inside the mind of an architect or engineer, this space would flourish new ideas and concepts. See more of this industrial workspace in stunning loft bedroom corner.

 Glass Wall Home Office + Guest Bedroom

Open floor plans have this challenge of arranging the furniture and design elements around so that the whole space feels well lit and welcoming. Designed by Joy Chen and hidden if needed behind glass partitions, the home office above doubles as a guest bedroom and you can see more photos of this apartment here.

Industrial + Rustic

Another industrial home office design, this time tucked in a corner of a spacious living space open to the outdoors makes its way on the inspiration list. Photographed by Susannah Thai, this rustic meets industrial combination nicely welcomes a double working space in an open floor plan.

Dark Bedroom Corner + Exposed Black Brick

Just a small corner of the bedroom can become a fantastic place to work from if you have it designed to your own pleasure. A dark green bed throw hints to the overall design hidden in this masculine bedroom.  See more photos and the commisioned stained glass cacti on the other side of the bedroom right here.

Modern + Stylized Brick Wall

Our last example on this list of 10 home workspaces flashing exposed brick walls comes from the imagination of Cartelle Design. In this modern bedroom, centered on white and hues of grey and blue, not even the raw brick wall can disturb the orderly contemporary design. Illuminated by Strip LED lights line the ceiling and define the workspace area in this perfectly balanced boy bedroom you can see here.

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