About us

We’re picking up what’s new and useful in today’s work from home paradigm shift. We believe it’s here to stay, so here comes our constant effort to put together all the bits about Home Office. From physical and mental health, ergonomics that support your daily work, to productivity, home office design and working from home with kids – we cover all areas of comfortably working from home.

You inspire us, we inspire you

We inspire you to get the best out of your work-from-home lifestyle, as well as close the circle of inspiration by getting inspired by you. Please feel free to send us ideas you have about anything you consider important related to working from home so that we can share your ideas with the world. We’re open to feedback, suggestions and edits when you see mistakes we can correct.

Recommend projects

We love to find out about new projects related to working remotely, so we invite you to send us your ideas and propose subjects for us to tackle. Tell us about your favorite designers, projects and work-from-home related products – we love to find different pieces of the puzzle that build up to a life-work balance we all dream about.

The contact page is one click away – see you in the inbox and daily on HomeOfficeBits.

What you also need to know is that the site has been launched in late 2020 and our home offices are located in Timisoara, Romania.