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10 Distinct Black and White Home Workspaces

Black and white interiors are so simple that you can barely believe that a home office that flaunts the extremes of the color palette can be inspiring.

It’s easy to use plants to spruce up the overall design and give a white and black workspace a wilder vibe. Another thing you can do is go all out on geometric display for which black and white look so good in checkered patterns. And then there are those black and white spaces that go overboard, making you feel like a commander on a starship. So let’s see which one you like best from this list of 10 Distinct Black and White Home Workspaces:

A black desk and black shelves set against a white background offers a pleasant contrasting appeal. Keeping the design lines is an art, so not every black and white combination is succesful. Designed and visualised by York Architects, this black and white workspace is classy and elegant.

A crisp black and white workspace can become fun to look at when integrated in the right space, like the home office above designed by Line Design studio. This space duality creates multiple design possibilities and this specific design beautifully transcends the idea of a boring black and white space.

Using these two non-colors can create a blockage, but people who think creatively manage to transform this into an opportunity. The last couch cube was painted black to fit in the office space and visually delineate it.

A massive black desk in a white office space under a skylight can sound dreamy. Once you see the picture above, you too will realise how a skylight skyrocketed in the top needs list when it comes to an office space to have in your house. Easily switching between work and play means flaunting your gaming console next to your computer screen, like in this home office space imagined by Shexia Space Design.

If the space we’ve seen before, there was more white than black, we turn things around with a black and white space. A very light floor supports a well lit workspace nook imagined by Hilight Design.

Designed by John Maniscalco Architecture, this large home office opens to the outdoor terrace. All the natural light that comes in through sliding glass walls allows the dark furniture to shine rather than close up the space. Having a home office with its own terrace is a dream, everytime you have to think, you can just step outside for a breath and relax.

In a compact apartment, a black and white interior design can be warmed up with wooden floors and wood panels. If you use wood to create a workspace like the one designed by Dubrovska Studio, a simple material choice visually warms up the space.

Futuristic looking, this white and black home office makes you feel like a starship captain. The undulating home office space visualized by Andrey Chudinow is something out of the ordinary, as is the rest of the apartment it’s part of. Bespoke home office furniture was made to fitthe space and create such curvaceous lines, especially designed to look organic.

Another interpretation of a black and white interior, this bedroom uses these two non-colors to create a fascinating space. One white wall and one black wall plus a black armchair with a cosy white interior at the head of the bed – this is such a simple idea that it works perfectly in this space imagined by ZOOI Interior studio.

Here is another bedroom home office in black and white, this time a matte black console that functions as a work desk and a TV stand on a bedroom wall catches our attention. From the creative minds of KAEL Architekci, this minimalist bedroom workspace was built in from the beginning, offering the owner the possibility of writing, journaling and working in the bedroom.

A plain white wall holds a mirror on one side, making the space multifunctional and simple. Using the black desk that runs the entire lenght on the bedroom wall as a workspace, vanity, media cabinet, dressing table and display shelf can mean the difference between clutter and order in this small space visualized by Dali Design Studio.

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