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10 L-Shaped Workspaces for Extra Working Room

L-shaped workspaces are a clever way of enlarging your workspace area while creating an unusually creative place to work from home.

Some ideas we will see next are targeted at creative ways of showcasing an L-shaped desk in your home workspace.

Maximise your space with the help of L-shaped desks creatively placed within the home. Whether you work from your living room, bedroom, or have a dedicate space that serves as a home office, an L-shaped workdesk offers extra surface area for all your paperwork and work items.

Visualized by Joy Chen, the L-shaped desk design above has plenty of space for more than two people working. Using black tabletops over white storage drawers helps delineate the design and visually merge it with the black and wood library. Greenery keeps everything balanced and thrives off of natural light from the window.

Visualized by Altkat Architectural Photography, the L-shaped workspace above plays with geometry to create a dynamic interior design. Thin black lines shape not only the structure of the desk, but also the background – a thin metal mesh set against the rounded corner. Wooden furniture makes the overall design warmer and keeps a balance within the space.

Within a crisp white room, this L-shaped home office desk imagined by Artem Tafy constructs a soothing environment thanks to the color used. The blue theme extends into the library design, making the square book nooks pop out. Greenery brings a sense of relaxation reminiscent of a meadow contrasted by the stormy blue sky.

Thinking creatively means putting together ideas in an unusual way. The L-shaped workspace above offers a different look at how a desk can be integrated into the given space. Instead of letting the space dictate the design, the working desk portrudes out of the available nook to give off a playfull vibe to the overall interior design imagined by Art Group by Vasilkova Daria.

A balcony could be the perfect place to install an L-shaped workdesk, especially when you create the option of opening this space to the outdoors during warmer days. Architect Renato Mendonça has seen the possibility to create a brightly lit space for working overlooking the city. The shape of the desk maximizes the overall space used for working while integrating it in the overall design.

This home office above is a dedicated room for working from home. L-shapes are found in both the sofa and the desk, mirroring the arrangement designed by Archiplastica. This delimitates the relaxation zone from the working space.

Working surrounded by wood is one of the most gratyfying feelings. Include more natural materials like leather and fur and you have the elements of a rustic vibe. The home office above showcases a soothing blend of textures and colors that hint to mid century modern design. The Tizio Desk Lamp, designed by Richard Sapper in 1972, reigns on this L-shaped wooden desk like a modern sculpture.

Designers at Dezest constructed a white L-shaped desk in a space designated to be a private home office. Behind a dark-framed glass wall, this bright and illuminated home office was kept simple to create the perfect environment for uninterrupted work.

Imagined by Tran Tu Thien, the small L-shaped desk above was designed to fit a cosy bedroom. We’ve seen many bedroom workspaces before and still get inspired by the way designers find solutions even for the tightest spaces. So no need to worry, where there’s a will to work from home, solutions follow.

Our last example of an L-shaped desk is a bedroom workspace inspired by Asian design. Visualized by Nguyễn Thủy, this double bedroom is seen as a space where rest and work mingle. Evevn with just little space available, one corner of the bedroom is occupied by a workdesk modernly integrated in the feel of the room.

Which one of the spaces above has your heart racing and makes you want to get on to creating your own L-shaped workspace?

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