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Futuristic Home Office Looks Starship-Inspired

Futuristic home office design is slowly becoming a reality for some people. Take this sculptural home office that resembles a starship command center at first glance – wouldn’t you feel like you could reach hyperspeed at the touch of a button?

Imagine sitting down at your desk and feeling like you have the universe at your fingertips. This is how the owner of this incredible home office must feel when deciding to start working. It must be so easy to get into the mood of controlling your work universe when you feel in command of your own spaceship.

Architect Andrey Chudinow imagined a home office space that simply demands attention. Set in black, white, grey and enriched by natural lines undulating across the surfaces, this futuristic work-from-home space gives the impression of a starship command center built for the future.

Sculpturesque panels wind up and down across the whole space, roller-coasting your imagination. Beyond the striking first impression, the home office design is simple and yet inspiring.

A desk that sits under the dark-framed window rests on black structural pieces that look organic in nature. These are also mirrored in the coffee table design and the shelf on the wall oposing the built in bookcase. The office desk itself emerges from the bookshelf as if the knowledge contained on the shelves has outgrown its place.

Bespoke home office furniture and rounded corners make a good fit together, grounding the ideea of an organic interior design. The grey couch displays a puzzle-like design and slopes towards the door.

Indirect lights give off a sci-fi vibe even further, constructing the neccesary mood for long working hours. Above and below, the ceiling and floor display the same play of geometric and undulating lines. The floor resembles a circuit board and an illuminated slit seems to sepparate the working space from the resting area.

Panels behind the bookshelves tone down the strong duality of black and white, while also warming up the space and the indirect lighting. Jointings all around only help deepen the feeling of an advanced design. The entrance door is hidden in the design, so that everything blends in perfectly.

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