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Altwork Station – shape-shifting mechanical desk

Altwork is the work-from-home station that adapts to your needs by flexing into a series of positions that can be locked in place and also adjusteed whenever you feel the need. The futuristic-looking working station was created to seamlessly move with your body for optimum interaction.

Altwork is a shape-shifting workstation that gives you the options of lying down, standing or sitting up while you work. Designed to conform to the modern needs of digital professionals, this work from home furniture piece invites you to pick and choose the best way for your working style – sit, stand or recline.

An all-in-one modern workstation, this futuristic-looking reclining desk was designed for those who need to focus on complex tasks during the work day.

High intensity computer users will thank the designers of the Altwork station for their attention to details. The modern mechanical desk responds to your needs instead of you constantly trying to work with your home office setup.

It can hold up to 40 lb and a maximum of three monitors can be installed. Further more, a laptop can be mounted on the left side of the Altwork station. If you’re wondering about your keyboard falling off the inclined desk, there is a layer of steel under the desk’s surface that holds up your keyboard with magnets provided by the product manufacturer. Designers say that “the mouse pad has a ring of steel on its outer edge but no steel in the center. This allows the user to slide the mouse easily when mousing and store the mouse anywhere on the edge of the pad when not in use.”

The Altwork adjusts to your body and motions with integrated pushbutton controls that allow you to have an effortless interaction with your computer, keyboard and monitor. What more do you need  from a workstation?

There are two versions of the Altwork Station – Flex and Signature.

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