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Home Office for Two Nestled in Studio Apartment

Home office for two – how hard is it to work from home alongside your partner when your crib is small enough to be considered just one room?

When you have a limited amount of space in your studio apartament and both you and your partner are working from home, every little bit of space is important. This is where home office interior design comes in to save the (work)day.

This studio apartment flaunts a table running across one of the walls that can easily serve as a home office or a lunch table.

Muted colors create a fantastic feeling of warm and cold – nuances of grey define the masculine side, while warm wood accents balance the design with feminine energy. Everything in this space has an established function, helping the owners feel not only comfortable, but also at ease within a well-composed space.

Employing the power of simplicity in both furniture design and color palette, 365 design imagined enough room for two people to live comfortable in a very tight space.

An open plan studio apartment is not easy to design so that it looks spacious, trendy and feels comfortable. Occupying only 30 square meters, this small apartment needs nothing more than a piece of bespoke furniture to easily become a home office for two.

The wooden platform running across one of the walls connects to the kitchen space with an ingeniously cut out wooden block. This piece of wood serves as one of the support portions of the long table, while the other supporting elements are two legs and a storage space near the window.

Two chairs exhibit the same color scheme as the rest of the house, with back rests in the same color and at the same height as the wooden table and black sitting support, shawcasing the designer’s attention to detail. And since two people live and work here, there are a few things you can do to enjoy sharing your home office with your partner.

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