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Foldable desk morphs into magazine rack

Foldable desks are seen as space-saving furniture items that can really help your home look and feel bigger. But when you see this foldable desk in the upright position, you won’t even recognise it as a work-from-home desk.

When minimalism is your favorite design style, your eyes keep looking for those simple, contemporary lines. And when you rest your eyes on this foldable office desk that doubles as a shelf, you will be happy you made the investment.

Perfect for tight spaces, this linear desk folds at the end of the work day to give space for putting up the magazine you’re currently enjoying and your trustworthy notebook.

Imagine placing one of these foldable desks a bit higher up so that you can use it as a standing desk, while the other one can be placed lower, so you can use it with a chair. When using the foldable standing desk, this Stoic Standing Mat helps you stretch, strengthen and massage your feet while you work. So why not use the latest technologies to keep you happy while working from home?

Designed by Kaschkasch for Living Divani, the foldable work desk named Fju is a sleek minimalist office space for really small spaces. The practical foldable desk rapidly transforms into a magazine rack, hiding your work space with a flip of the wrist. Folded up it has a depth of 15 cm and functions as a magazine rack.

When you take to buying two units of the Fju foldable work desk, you simply extend the beauty of simplicity. Also, you can easily share your home office with your partner even if the space you have in your home is really tight.

Its innovative folding mechanism was developed especially for this piece of furniture. What else do you need to feel like you have a lot of room in your home and express your love for ingenious, minimalistic design?

Photography by Cesare Chimenti and Tommaso Sartori

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