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Stoic Standing Mat – Experience nature at home

The Stoic Standing Mat was designed to replicate the way our ancestors walked with their strong, robust feet on natural terrain. Inspired by surfaces in the wild, the world’s first modular standing mat stretches, strengthens and massages your feet while you work. And that’s not all it does.

Since the outdoors has been so ellusive during this year’s quarantine periods, the Stoic Standing Mat is an alternative way of enjoying the benefits of outdoor grounding inside. Whether you use it while you work, meditate, exercise, home school or even cook, this 3D standing mat will have you feeling like you’re experiencing the outdoors at your feet. This standing mat can easily become an essential home gym equipment.

A Gym at yout Feet – that’s what this nature-inspired standing mat promises and it will soon deliver thanks to its more than 50 configurations you can choose from.

The Stoic Standing Mat was designed to be used in five main ways: Motion, Balance, Fitness, Massage, and Strength. Removable 3d printed foam surfaces can be easily swapped depending on your needs.

The middle part of the balance board also has different options like a fidget-board with a massage-ball, a bamboo flat-board, a curved board, a ridged board for higher difficulty and other textured foam surfaces like river rocks or forest floors. Even more, the mat features hooks on each side for a more intense workout using bungee-bands.

Benefits of the Stoic Standing Mat include strenghtening your feet and leg muscles, natural spreading of your toes, building stronger arches of the feet, improving balance and body awareness, increased range of motion in your joints, improving the mind-body connection and even brain stimulation.

The Stoic Mat comes with its own app that helps you discover new ways in which to use your mat.

Designers Dan Vinson and David Hunt have deemed the Stoic Standing Mat as “A modular anti-fatigue mat that strengthens, stretches and massages your feet.”

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