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5 Home Office Pods for Distraction-Free Work

Home office pods have been a solutions for distraction-free work for a while and yet they become more important now, in the covid-19 pandemic time.

Since the coronavirus pandemic has us working from home more than ever, the adaptable human race finds solutions for most everything thrown our way. Home office pods are creative solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces, depending on what you need from a home office.

Privacy and productivity go hand in hand when it comes to home office work. If you have a garden or outside space, an office pod is a great solution to keep private while you work and skyrocket your productivity by entering flow states. Or maybe you have some room inside your home and need that privacy for working from home.

An office pod is an ideal solution to creating a space you oly use for working, so that you can create a balance and boundaries between the professional life and private life. Let’s explore 5 home office pod designs and the features that encourage distractions-free work.

BusyPod – for indoor use

BusyPod is more than a simple space you get work done. There are four dimensions to choose from, depending on your space needs. If you need not only to work comfortably, but also require sound insulation and acoustics for video conferences, the BusyPod provides a confortable environment for one or more persons, if you’re thinking about sharing your home office with your partner.

Prepared to give you privacy and comfort, the BusyPod can be installed by two people in 15 minutes. It comes with electrical and USB sockets, wireless charging and also lights, air ventilation and busy warning light. There are different colors available, from standard to custom for both the exterior and the felt interior.

The Garden Office Archipod

The Garden Office Archipod is basically a round garden office space that imitates natural shapes while providing all technological requirements needed. Made out of curved plywood with encapsulated fibreglass insulation and internal plasterboard finish, this round office pod is externally cladded in Cedar shingles. Concrete foundation blocks are included and you will only need to prepare the ground prior to installation.

Double glazed stainless steel porthole windows let sunshine in, while you’re busy working on the ergonomic semicircular desk. Easily enjoy a swift walk outdoors by opening the top hinged gull-wing door and breath deeply for a few minutes, strech and enjoy life before you head back inside for uninterrupted work. The 3m-diameter sphere is hooked up with electric heat, ventilation and power outlets.

The Neo Pod

This customizable garden office pod combines contemporary design with new technology. Spacious and distinguished, the Neo Pod‘s full height, full width windows and doors can be adjusted to suit the pod’s location, making it easily fit into your garden landscape. Underfloor heating and Birch Plywood wall panels keep it comfortable and stylish.

It’s versatility allows you to use the Neo Pod for more than working, it can become a relaxation or play space. There’s usually no need for planning permission and yet the Neo Pod has solid engineered structural framework at the core.

The Room in the Garden

Created by Studio Ben Allen, the Room in the Garden is more than just an office space, it’s a whole room for working, playing, reading and even sleeping. From the floating office desk you can look outside to the garden and gather inspiration from nature, while an overhear rooflight brings in more daylight.

A play on geometry, the design of this beautifully crafted space is imagined to be both a building and a product: “It is intended to be simple enough for self-build assembly and reassembly, coming as a flat pack kit of parts, fully fabricated on a CNC machine.”

Ben Tynegate
Ben Tynegate

The bespoke Shoffice

Created a few years ago by Platform 5 Architects, the Shoffice (shed+office) remains striking in its aesthetics. This is what it means to have an architecture firm create a bespoke garden office that perfectly fits into the outdoor space it was imagined for.

An oak lined interior with a cantilevered desk protrudes outside beyond a glass wall. Even more light comes from two skylights and there is enough room and storage inside for it to become the prefered working space.

© Alan Williams Photography
© Alan Williams Photography
© Alan Williams Photography

So which one would you choose to become your next working space?

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