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LastDesk you’ll ever need: Minimalist Modularity

Desk design could sound pretty boring – what can designers play with – shape, materials, textures? Is there anything more you can do to create fantastic desk designs beyond functionality and appearance?

There is more to do when you take into account your client – what would your client want from a desk?

Maybe this is the question designers of this desk asked themselves before coming up with the idea of the LastDesk.

Designed by Frame CPH and Søren Rose Studio for Stykka, the LastDesk is a versatile workstation that allows the user to

Beyond design, the LastDesk’s functionality will have you working on an uncluttered surface, with all necessities at hand. Wooden trays that can be flipped easily make this minimalist desk switch from bigger storage space to bigger working space and back again just as easy. With adjustable legs, the LastDesk will be your sit-down or stand-up support system that shapeshifts to your desires.

This furniture piece is a modular desk that is promised to be a marriage of timeless design and durability: “Designed for those who do amazing work and carry out their visions for a better future, LastDesk™ is the most versatile workstation we’ve ever made.
Together with Søren Rose Studio, we’ve designed and crafted a desk that can adapt to the ever-changing world around us. It is designed for disassembly and is made of responsible materials that can last a lifetime; you’ll never need to buy another desk again,” say its designers. Probably that’s where the name comes from: LastDesk.

This desk won’t let you go through the challenges of having a makeshift home office – it imposes minimalism and cleanliness while encouraging flexibility in work and the working environment.

If you want to be moving while you work, you might need to look into something like this caravan office pod to take on the road and enjoy sunsets and sunrises during work breaks. If you’re staying put, at home, choosing a great working desk is essential. And it all depends on your needs, only you know what you’re looking for in a good work desk.

Some of the LastDesk’s features include a next-generation wireless charger, intelligent sit-to-stand OLED controller, high-quality locally sourced materials, and built-in high speed 60W USB charger.

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