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Elegant and professional desk design: Olly Desk

An elegant and modern writing desk could transform any room into a home office, especially a sleek workspace like the Olly Desk. Its scuptural silhouette provides attention-grabing features materialized from shapes, textures and colors.

The Olly Desk by Pavel Vetrov for Zegen features a design built for both spacious and small spaces. With a classy and professional appearance, the Olly Desk borrows the elegance of an old writing desk. At the same time, it offers modern features like the docking nooks integrated in the tabletop’s design or the technical cut-outs for hiding your computer and charging wires.

The Olly Desk gives its owner ample space for essentials within its long and slim drawer that opens and closes almost silently thanks to a special mechanism. Notebooks, writing utensils, your smart devices – they all fit in this almost hidden storage space.

The black tabletop rests on a wooden frame and legs. Black and wood go together wonderfully when you try to combine natural inspiration with the crispness of modern design.

Position the desk in the middle of the room and it becomes the impressive piece of furniture that dominates the space. Choose a complementary chair and you have yourself a sculptural home office.

Docking your smartphone and tablet in the desk’s groves can serve as a dual-screen that enhances workflow. With such a beautiful piece of furniture under your laptop, working from home feels stylish and freeying.

Photographed by Sergey Savchenko from different angles, we can see how the Olly Desk looks uncluttered by design and promises an elegant visual attraction when you display it in your home. The small cutout for cable management prevents cords from cluttering up the workspace, leaving a clean worktop to enjoy.

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