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Lavish Teen Bedroom with Outstanding Study Space

One of our favorite ways of reducing screen time is through design. An inviting teen bedroom where study, rest and play are in balance can become a tool of self-discipline for your growing child.

Simplicity is luxurious and imagining a space like the one we’re about to explore lies in the mind of creative architects and interior designers. They give our dreams a visual representation.

Imagine being in your teens, born in a wealthy family and spending your time between the tablet and the laptop when you’re not on your smartphone. And all this during a global pandemic, where your room becomes the safest space to be in. Here is where you spend most of your time in, well, here or in virtual reality on your gadgets.

Now imagine you were born in a luxury-loving family and have this bedroom as “your room”. This is where the study space makes all the difference. When you focus on the environment, the importance of a schedule and a time for everything, wanting to be self-disciplined seems to follow.

As a parent, you want to give your children everything. Some people have no choice and have kids while living a luxurious lifestyle. This is also where inspiration lies. How can you raise a child with all the luxuries you can afford and not ruin it?

This teen bedroom in a Turkish villa imagined by visualised by Jasmin Kodzha was intended to look out to the courtyard greenery, where a perennial walnut tree grew on the property and the modern living room was designed to encapsulate the grown tree.

Floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides open up the whole bedroom to sunlight, while a combination of chic curtains and horizontal slats keep privacy at night.

This teen luxury bedroom has a fascinating study space where the desk seems to be floating. Elegantly displaying the same types of golden knobs found across the room on the wall with the bed, the desk’s drawers seem so inviting to touch.

Hints towards bubbles and pearls are also found in the shape of the chandalier and the desk lamp. Ruffled curtains offer a feminine touch alongside subdued colors used to shape a calming effect.

There are hidden gems to be found in the design of a kids room and why it helps to use design as a tool for working from home with kids. While trying to keep your own working schedule, you can teach your kids to be prepared and develop self-discipline while studying. Check out these inspirational interiors:

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