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Gamified study space in stunning kids room

We’ve been talking about working from home with kids. The whole world is having a dilemma when it comes to this conundrum. How do we stick to our habits and routines while almost completely altering the way we live our lives? And is altering our lives the same as living our best version o a home life?

During the coronavirus pandemic, surviving seems to have been a mantra. One of the biggest shifts happened when it comes to our daily routines – more and more people have found themselves working from home, whether they’re still employees or have switched to building their own business.

Whichever path you have taken, if you have children, then your daily life has tremendously changed, from home schooling to your own work schedule. Children are no longer in the hands of professors half a day, but spend more time in the house. So how can we make the most of a given situation? We can take advantage of these trying times to teach our children the importance of dicipline, of faith in a better future created by ourselves, of adventure and the importance of environement in our lives.

And one way we can do that is by creating spaces that gamify all these lessons. This is where interior design comes in. A space created to encourage both creativity and discipline helps our children develop crucial life skills.

This kids bedroom imagined by design studio Zarysy is a fantastic combination of a pure fantasy land and an activity-based environment. The study is placed in the middle of the room, yet integrated in the adventure the room creates.

Different levels and places to sit in creative positions encourages exploration, while the time carved out in the daily studying time remains at the center of the space, like the sun that the life system revolves around. Kids stay active playing around in the environment and this is one of the ways to encourage creativity and reduce screen time.

And when it comes to using technology, a schedule can be made to keep your kids disciplined in their school work. This is a win-win, since you get time blocked in your own schedule to work from home while your kids work in their study room.

Above the multileveled play and study space floats a bed area that offers both an adventurous birds-eye view of the room and a stars-inspired space where natural textures and colors combine with fluid lines, just like in nature. Three main colors (pink, black and wood tones) were blended in a stunning kids room that encourages creativity, discipline and exploration.

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