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Teen workspace defining soft-colored minimalist bedroom

A teen with a workspace is a future adult with a great starting base. We know how important it is to have a working discipline from a young age.

And since teenage years are the hardest, bringing about a lot of change, a private workspace helps root that future adult in a carefully constructed direction.

A minimalist space helps your teenager focus on the work they need to do for school and extra curriculum, also on their own passion projects. And there’s nothing more powerful than parents modelling a helpful work routine that can support their childrens’ future.

This cosy teenage bedroom design was created by Bezmirno Architects.

Warm neutral colors flood this teen workspace and ooze into the rest of the space. It looks like the different nuances flow one into another. This creates a refined atmosphere even if the overall feel is that of a minimalist interior.

This teen bedroom showcases that, even during those uncertain years in a future adult’s life, one can enjoy a simple space enhanced through design rather than an overwhelming feeling of “too much stuff”. This is how one can grow up appreciating the quality rather than the quantity.

Smooth colors support comfort and balance, while the soft image of a dandellion on the wall and the fluffy toy sheep keep that feminine vibe intact.

The workspace is large enough to offer an excuse-free study area, while indirect lighting and directional spotlights create a soft amosphere perfect for focused work. A cosy and feminine chair reinforces that sensation of comfort and support.

There is no need to have a lot of things clogging the design. The layout hints to femininity through color and is enough to show that this is a girl teen’s bedroom and study area. Focusing on growth should take place on the inside, not the outside. Also, the design of the whole bedroom focuses on quality materials that enhance the need for a minimalist space during the growth stage of teenage years.

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