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Vlogger’s home office unveils texture heaven

An Ukrainian vlogger is lucky enough to live a dream life while working from a space custom designed for their needs. In tune with the rest of the 78 square meter apartment color scheme, the grey and chocolate workspace overlooks Kiev’s cityscape.

A textured feature wall on one side of the office space was contrasted by sound absorbtion panels needed for the blogger’s work. Exploring this combination of textures, the designers were able to maintain a dual color scheme without it geting boring.

Set up for sound recording and visual appeal, the space itself is an inspiration for the making of YouTube videos and podcasts. A greenscreen behind the desk chair can be easily brought down to help in the vlogger’s work, while window blinders filter natural light coming from the outside.

There is not a lot of need for light during the day thanks to the oversized windows. But that doesn’t mean that the atmosphere has to suffer, so LED strip lights were installed under the desk to make it feel more cosy. This also helps create a visual sepparation between the grey interior design and the chocolate brown floor and details.

Can you see how perfectly alligned the shelf is with the lines of panels on the wall right next to it? Details like these – custom designed by Home Cult – make for amazing inspiration and speak about the professionalism of the ones in charge with the interior design process. And this alluring combination of rustic stone and smoothness on the adjacent wall help integrate the acoustic panels in the overall design.

And there’s nothing better than a whole wall of storage space that is custom made to hold anything that aesthetically fits in. The long desk with storage cabinets underneath is prepared for serious work and supports two  monitors in order to make the editing work easier.

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