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Two kids rooms with desks for “home office” play

Two kids rooms with desks for “home office” play that look like mini versions of their future bedrooms make us feel warm inside.

Must be all the wood used to visually warm up the atmosphere, but also the idea that both the family’s kids will grow up learning from a yourng age the importance of discipline alongside play.

We love how these children’s rooms display crisp white desks and chairs, making it easy for the parents to model their home office hours to their young. People who work from home with kids know how challenging it can be to be good role models while trying to work full-time jobs.

This is why we’re showcasing inspirational kids rooms design that can help you implement tips for working from home with kids.

In this cabin combining modern and rustic decor, Olovo Interior Design created two echoing rooms: one for a girl and one for a boy. Wooden walls slant in oposing directions for each of the two kids’ rooms, making them mirror one another.

The girl’s bedroom has neutral tones of beige embracing white furniture and decor inserts, giving the feeling of a cosy, light and fluffy interior. Bright natural light coming from dark-framed windows illuminate the toy-dotted bedroom.

A pegboard encourages creativity whenever the child finds new ways to adjust the shelves to her liking. Whimsical string lights line the wall and decorate the wooden ladder, creating a fairytale-like ambiance.

The boy’s room keeps the same basic wood-embracing design with contrasting black window frames while playing with soft blues and yellows in the furniture and bed coverings. Star Wars home decor lines one of the walls, both in toy shape and outlined artwork.

This bedroom reminds us of this Star Wars inspired grey home office space we featured – it looks like boys grow into men while keeping their preferences alive in more sophisticated adult forms.

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