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Functional minimalist bedroom home office for two

Functionality becomes more important the smaller the space you have to work with. So how can you turn your bedroom into a multifunctional space where rest, work and exercise combine with relaxation and entertainment?

Designers have gotten more and more acquainted with setting up small spaces to accomodate all life needs and wishes. Just in time for us to start wotking from home more and more.

So now that we can be inspired to create our own multifunctional home spaces, this next example will guide you through understanding yet again that less is more.

Functionality and minimalism go hand in hand in this bedroom workspace created by architect and designer Daniel Goncharenko. Set in a 64 square metre apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, this bedroom home office offers two spaces for working for both partners while building privacy with a room divider that also acts as a fireplace.

The projector on the ceiling allows for less furniture and more entertainment, while the floor-to-ceiling windows offer natural light but also fantastic views over the city. This multifunctional bedroom makes you wonder how can some designers fill a space with oportunity without it feeling or looking overcrowded?

Minimalism suits this space and allows simple yet striking elements to co-exist: a sleeping space, two sepparate working spaces, a stationary bike for exercising and a relaxation vibe offered by the romantic feeling given by the modern fireplace. Functionality was employed in this bedroom in order to make all the elements come together in the same room without being in dissonance.

Keeping the colors to a minimum and in a neutral tone allows for the space to be even simpler. This helps put the focus on the most impressive features, like the contemporary fireplace that splits the space in two.

One of the desks has a unique shape and can be used as a workspace, a vanity or anything else you can think of or might need. The second desk was strictly intended for serious work and was set up with three monitors, a confortable swivel chair and storage space. What more would you need?

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