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Preparing for Adulthood: Teen study and sport bedroom 

Kids study spaces become as important as their parents’ home offices. In our world, where parents and children spend more time at home, different needs have to be satisfied.

Home office hours with kids are hard for both parents, who take on other roles now, like being a teacher, and on children, who are used to more socialization.

Preparing your teen to be a responsible adult that sticks to a working schedule is very important. What you can do is set up a good example and do the best with the resources you have available to ensure that your child grows up with all necesarry skills.

One of the ways you can influence their future behaviour is to create a space where the teen feels safe to work on their own self-discipline. Interior design can do that by placing the focus on the workspace even from a young age.

In this teenage bedroom, Aliev Architects imagined a simple space that mirrors the child’s interest and offers an uncluttered thinking room. Privacy is ensured with a chocolate brown curtain that can either let sunlight in or keep private at night.

Teenagers study spaces are becoming more important and their early organisation skills can be educated starting with their own room. In the corner of the bedroom, a large portion is dedicated to a desk and storage space.

Brightly lit by natural sunshine, the whole bedroom feels inviting to rest and study, as the space seems to be divided between: study space on the left, resting part on the right.

A huge blackboard occupies the wall in the study corner lit by spotlights from above for maximum efficiency. This encourages keeping a schedule and to do lists, learning how to cope with time management and developing oraganisational skills in the process.

Every detail in this mini home office hints to the potential every child has. Their rooms are very important in helping them succeed in life and their passions should be reflected in the design to encourage them to follow their path.

Even when they have school video calls, their surrounding space looks inviting and well put together.

The rest of the bedroom invites to being active, with boxing gloves hanging on a ladder. Three main colors dominate the space: black, white and grey. Wood frniture and decor comes in to define playfull edges and visually warm up the space.

There are numerous ways in which you can create a safe, comfortable and educative child bedroom with study space to prepare them for life ahead:

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