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Majestic Luxury: Modern Meets Classic Workroom Design

Luxury classic meets modern home office design – this is what comes to mind when first seeing this remarkable home office.

Do you know those spaces that just open up a world of possibilities when you walk inside? This incredible home office has two entrances, creating a stunning walk-through scenario. Imagine yourself going from one room to the next to reach your home office, then sitting down at the imposing white desk, comfortable in your futuristic-looking chair as if you were driving a starship.

Designed by Diff, this modern luxury home office is a bespoke work of art. Set within a private apartment, this inviting space has every detail thought out, from the nuances of the walls and floor to the boldness of chosen furniture.

Tall windows enhance the feeling of a bright space, while art pieces in black and white interrupt the organized layout just as art in meant to interrupt our patterns.

Sculptural walls and a wooden floor that seem the same color infuse a sense of elegance, while modern furniture pieces spark against this classy background.

Oversized designer lamps hint to the contemporary business style happening between these walls, an inspiring blend of elegance and creativity.

Leather white chairs pop up here and there, all inviting and sculptural-looking. The overall workroom design was imagined as a statement: a bold business place, where details matter and shape the whole experience. By the way, have you noticed the golden window hardware?

This modern luxury home office design invites to a stimulating business schedule and interaction with creative ideas. Imagine yourself working from this space, talking on the phone while walking around the room and noticing all the details.

You walk along the walls, reach the fireplace, touch the edges of the whit desk and walk over to the other side of the room to sit down in one of the white leather armchairs.

The fireplace hints to a simpler era, when watching the fire and thinking was one of preferred activities for intellectuals.

Now we have screens to help us think. One way out of the virtual reality is through interior design – a space where your attention comes back to when you finish a work call or lift your eyes from the computeer screen.

And since this is where the inspiration comes from, these other ideas can help you decide on how you would like your own home office space to look like. You might also like these inspirational ideas:

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