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Temporary Foldable and Rollable TEMP Desk

You might have thought that your work desk should be a permanent piece of furniture placed in a corner of the bedroom or burrowed under a window.

Modern spaces are required to be functional and aluring at the same time. Changing different aspects of the space with the help of foldable furniture could mean you get to experience different compositions of your home environment. Space saving at the least, a foldable table can help you take your working space with you in any room of the house or even outside.

Imagine folding your desk away and rolling it to the garden to enjoy some sunshine while you work or even have a coffee break.

This is exactly what the TEMP desk by Gerhardt Kellermann for Gumpo is intended to do:

The packed desk is rather flat and its name suggests that is was built for temporary use in different environments. Want to work from the kitchen while dinner is cooking? Take your desk with you. Want to move to the living room and continue working? Roll your desk away, unfold it and keep working.

The TEMP table gives you this fluidity of movement and of the space. The whole house and garden become your home office with a transportable desk like this one.

And when you’re done and want a weekend away from work or a vacation, your TEMP desk folds away and you can nicely tuck it in a corner or a storing space and not see it until you return to work.

a cleverly thought-out locking mechanism ensures for a sturdy desk, but when necessary, the top pivots to rest parallel with the stand. A large void in the body makes carrying the table easier, as do the contrasting wheels in the lower corner.

Designers say: “When things have to go quickly, temp can be mobile in the wink of an eye. Simply turn the transverse panel and fold up the table top, then the high table can be easily moved and tucked away to save space. A well thought-out locking mechanism ensures that temp stands firm.”

So we know that they knew exactly what some people look for in a folding work desk. The concept is the first that attracts, but then you see the design and it all fits together into a fluid workstation.

If you want to see another idea that might save you space, check out this foldable desk that morphs into a magazine rack on your wall.

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