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FunPod Learning Tower Helps Reduce Screen Time

FunPod is the kind of product that directly helps reduce screen time for your kids by including them in daily activities alongside family members.

And like any other product that helps you keep your children away from smart devices or the TV, the FunPod learning tower helps you educate your children when it comes to nutrition and cooking or any other learning activity that requires using a worktop.

Kids are curious and want to be involved in adult activities around the house. The FunPod takes away the fear of accidents by keeping your child safe in a dedicated space. This way you can both enjoy the activities you do together and reduce overwhelming screen time that can alter your child’s attention span and take away from quality family time.

Imagine your kids safely involved in cooking, learning and playing alongside the whole family. With the help of FunPod, children between 1 and 5 years old can shape culinary preferences by looking at how things are done and helping out with simple things.

Thanks to its adjustable height, the FunPod grows with your children, allowing them to learn new things in the first part of their life, the part that shapes their preferences and feeds their curiosity. Away from sharp and hot objects, your kid can safely help out in the kitchen, learning about the importance of food in our lives. This learning helper was built in conformity with all safety regulations so your only job is to find the most attractive activities to do together.

Easy to assemble and clean, the FunPod from LittleHelper comes in five colors: maple, white, black, grey, red and a maple version that has a blackboard your kids can write on.

What is most important beyond the children’s curiosity and ability to learn new things like a sponge in their first years of life, is the connection between parents and children and their siblings. Even if family time is limited, you can make the best of it by teaching your kids during the time you also cook for the family.


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