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Glassy Home Office Doubles as Guest Bedroom

A glass home office draws attention from the minute you walk in this open plan apartment. Colour flashes alongside raw brick walls contrasting glass walls make this brightly lit interior a fascinating city home.

And since living in the city requires flexibility, a contemporary home office enclosed in glass that doubles as a guest bedroom seems the logical way to go.

Beyond logic, there is the magic of interior design. Rustic meets industrial in this open living space designed by Joy Chen.

In a corner of this open living space, designers made room for this flexible enclosure: part guest bedroom, part workspace.

Under a slightly slanted ceiling dressed in wood, retractable glass walls separate the workspace from the rest while keeping visual conexion to the living space.

Sharp and edgy textures and black elements are softened by wood, all mirrored in a dark glossy floor.

A bright red Bellini Chair contrasts the yellow couch, also bringing both spaces together through the use of bold colors.

This glass cube home office sets the tone for the open floor plan. Inside this glassy home office and guest bedroom, plenty of light makes use of the space late into the night.

A bedside lamp in black and white, a black wall sconce, track lights above, in between wooden ceiling slats – all lighting solutions were imagined to replace the generous amount of natural light flooding the space during the day.

Double banked shelving on tracks were chosen as custom workspace storage solution. And in between the guest bed and the retractable glass walls, an oval desk with integrated drawer system dominates this part of the apartment alongside the red chair.

Red planters with “stuff” in them and red books construct a decor balance within this transparent home workspace. Down to the detail, this is a minimalist yet multifunctional home perfect for city living.

Imagine yourself in a studio apartment you have to organize into functions. Here is one more example of how to structure an open floor plan so that you can work from home comfortably:

All-in-One Home Functionality: Office, Dining, Living 

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