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Industrial Workspace in Stunning Loft Bedroom Corner 

Imagine waking up in this bed and looking over to your left to see an inviting workspace.

The whole loft is magnetizing and this lit corner was impressed with measuring tools, Star Wars posters and views of both the stunning bedroom and the city below.

Four Star Wars posters display starship plans and sith armour – we’ve seen even more workspaces showcasing Star Wars memorabilia like trophies:

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So if your view from the bed is this fantastic workspace and your view from the desk is this fantastic bed, how will you know when to stop living in between these two when the muse visits?

Lucky there’s more to this space than the bedroom and home workspace. A built-in reading nook across the bedroom, on the opposing wall, invites to research during work breaks or relaxation in the evening, enjoying the city lights below.

Geometry plays with the space in the shape of a dividing wall made out of metal and glass, providing daylight deep into the rest of the loft.

Metal framework and glass empower the use of daylight throughout this otherwise dark space. Concrete walls and copper elements deepen the industrial feeling, while a large chocolate sofa in the middle of the living space promises no thoughts will be focused on work in this part of the house – this is the family, music and friends sanctuary.

Imagine coming home and knowing your workspace is waiting paciently on the edge of the glass windows. What more of an invitation to work if not a home office space designed espacially for your passion and profession?

Imagine beyond this space if you can. I’m really stuck on how this space explores light and design to create a perfect mood of relaxation combined with focused work. So I invite you to look further, I’ll be here if you need me while you see:

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