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10 Modern Bedroom Workspaces In Light Grey and Wood

A bedroom workspace can look in numerous ways and we’re always happy to see inspiration in every corner of the projects we carefully curate. Talented designers imagine spaces that don’t usually come up when starting to work from home. We don’t pay attention to the space around us, focusing on function rather than on visual appeal.

Small Rounded Floating Desk in Minimalist Bedroom

An example straight out of Artem Trigubchak‘s portfolio, this bedroom workspace plays on the power of geometry to discover a simpler interior that can support different functions. In a rather small bedroom, a corner near the large window was decorated with a rounded floating desk that can act as a laptop stand or as a vanity.

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Invisible Minimalist Bedroom Workspace

Soft light colors were used to shape this minimalist bedroom with a surface burrowed under the window that can easily be transformed from a vanity space to a full blown workspace. Plenty of elbow space makes for relaxing working hours in the privacy of an inspiring minimalist bedroom.

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Vertical wooden planks in grey bedroom workspace

Our first example of a light grey and light wood combination seen in a bedroom workspace comes from Martin Architects. Warming up the cosy bedroom, vertical wooden planks delineate this minimalist workspace in a Kiev home. A calming atmosphere resides in this space, extending from the soft grey bedsheets and softly colored rug into the corner workspace lit by natural light accentuated by a sleek black lamp on the wall. This floating desk wall is shared with the TV and invites to mixing relaxation and work.

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Wood and White Walls Shape Bedroom Workspace

Visualized by Room Design Buro, this next bedroom workspace was placed under the window and this time, it’s not completely integrated, as if they wanted the white desk and chair to stand out. Especially when the grey curtains are closed, this space becomes a beacon of hope for the end of procrastination. Facing the heavy curtains at night with the laptop’s light to guide your work, some projects may take you well into the night. Then just look behind you to that comfy grey upholstered bed waiting for you to rest and rejuvenate. It’s not so bad having your home workspace in the bedroom, when it’s beautifully integrated.

50 Shades of Wood and Grey: WFH Edition

Our next wood and light grey workspace takes us to the portfolio of ZROBIM Architects. Wooden planks shape a vertical design, while the bed’s headboard holds out the designer’s vision of a patterned wood that contrasts and ads joyful playfulness to the overall look. A scandinavian-inspired desk shares the double lamp on the wall with the bed, making it easy for us to imagine the owner switching from work to reading a few pages while resting during a work break.

A Home Dotted with Workspaces

This next rustic attic bedroom is part of a luxurious home designed by Olovo and dotted with different places to work from. Sometimes, the vacation home in the woods easily becomes the remote work dream place. Even the kids have their own spaces where to prepare for a balanced life: Two kids rooms with desks for “home office” play.

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Luxurious Bedroom Work Desk

Even luxury bedrooms are seen sporting elegant workspaces. The example below, visualised by IQOSA, has a sophisticated way of inviting its owner to rest or work, depending on mood and priorities. Unique accent walls frame cityscapes outside and bounce natural light to reach all the way in.

Almost Invisible Workspace Embedded in Small Home

Visualized by Yuliya Chudinovskikh, this next example of a home workspace set up in the bedroom comes from a multifunctional space spreading over just 38.2 square metres. Elegant neoclassical features like traditional wainscotting give off an eyecatching elegance soaked in modern art. Almost invisible if it weren’t for the chair, this floating continuation of the storage space under the TV acts as a working desk.

Bedroom Nook Put to Work

A small bedroom nook can be enough to set up a small desk and keep everything at a small scale. Light grey and wood were used to keep a cosy feeling in this bedroom working nook designed by LPS Design Studio. A double bed was fitted in a bigger nook, and the smaller one was perfect for this work from home space.

Simple and Refreshing Bedroom with a Workspace

Aliev Architects imagined a fresh bedroom in white that also has a small desk for working whenever necesarry. Also easy to use as a vanity or a journaling nook, this wooden desk resting on white legs and a simple grey chair is all one needs to have a basic workspace in any room of the house.

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Light Grey Feels Soft Industrial

And to see how much of a difference preferences and design makes in the same architects’ portfolio, our next example also comes from Aliev Architects. Using mostly grey instead of white and keeping the furniture design to a minimum, designers imagined a bedroom workspace that occupies a corner of the room right between the bed and the closet. Actually working in this space is surely calming thanks to the light grey and wood used to balance out the soft industrial feel. Warming things up with wooden panels behind the bed’s headboard and warm LED lights, architects created a functional and visually appealing home area.

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More wood, more light

Our last example in this list comes from Chill Visualization Studio and we chose it to showcase how much more wood in a grey and white space can look like. An L-shaped desk decorates the corner of the bedroom. It also incorporates the natural daylight source – the black framed window – and extends its influence on the mood with a mirror strategically placed to be both decorative and act as a vanity.

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Which of these bedroom workspaces in grey and wood was your favorite? If you can’t chose a direction yet for decorating your own WFH setup, here are more ideas to help you navigate available choices:

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