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Using Lights To Color Grade Your Home Office Studio

We’re taking a look today at how we can use different kind of light to color grade our home offices for different purposes. Whether we’re using lights for video calls during work or we want to add depth and accent to our home workspace, we now have available a plethora of methods of lighting up the home that range from mysteriuos and dramatic to jungle-fever flamboyant.

But let’s not get agead of our selves imagining a video call with stroboscopes. Here is the ways we will be exploring in this article on how to use light in the home office for different purposes:

  • WFH Setup – Lighting for Better Productivity and Health
  • Using light to differentiate between workday and night sleep
  • Setting up your YouTube studio with colored lights
  • Signal business: Outlook-connected busy light

From using the natural change between day and night to adding lamps and LEDs, creating different moods in your home workspace depends on many things. But safety and health first!

WFH Setup – Lighting for Better Productivity and Health

When talking about working from home, one of the most important things is natural light and the fresh air it brings with it through an open window. The “next best thing” is simulating daylight in cases when your only option is to work from a cramped corner of the basement. Working late also comes with its own challenges, so high wattage LED bulbs or daylight lamps can make a huge difference in productivity.

The pandemic has taught us more about adapting to any situation life may throw at us and actually understanding how to do things better. Time spent in quarantine was helpful because now we can enjoy advice from people who have studied the problem and experimented with lighting for better productivity and health:

Using light to differentiate between workday and night sleep

Using natural light throughout the phases of the day can be an art as well as a functional method of mentally dividing the workday and the night rest in the same space. A wood clad feature wall to define your workspace in the bedroom can look very different during the day compared with night time if you use light to your advantage. Light design comes from both using natural light sources and artificial ones, all integrated in the interior design of the space.

See more photos of this corner office: Light Creating Multiple Moods: Bedroom and Workspace Combined.

From using daylight to using artificial lights to color grade your home office studio, there are many options to choose from, depending on your needs and what you want the final result to be. If you use social media platforms that invite to connecting and creating, that’s a whole other level.

Setting up your YouTube studio with colored lights

Whether you’re a vlogger with a private office overlooking urban Ukraine from your highrise apartment or a Youtuber who sets up his studio to better film themselves looking into the camera, light means different things. It’s different if you need to use light to create a YouTube studio you film in or if you need an editing studio. Let’s explore how to light up a home office for editing and for making videos in these two videos:

An On Air Sign, like YouTuber Thomas Frank explains in this video can also be seen as the idea of using light to signal busyness.

Signal business: Outlook-connected busy light

Ever thought about having an Outlook-connected busy light installed on the home office door? Because now you can signal to your family that you’re deep in focused mode working on your tasks and should not be disturbed while the red light is on. Green means you’re taking a break and can be interrupted and this is a creative way of aoiding even people screaming your name and unavoidantly ending up interrupting your train of thought.

So, how do you use lights so that your home workspace tells the story you want?

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