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7 Wood Slat Walls Defining Home Office Spaces

How to create a corner home office with the use of wooden slats? There are quite a few stunning ideas out there and we hand-picked 10 examples of contemporary workspace design defined by wooden slats. Let’s explore a universe of verticality and enjoy the pleasures of finely designed spaces.

L-shaped desk in slat-defined corner

This corner office space is testament to the use of L-shaped desks, Maybe this is why designers picked a bright white desk to contrast a softer color palette used here – sage green and warm wood. These wood wall panels creates that textured appeal, contrasting the white desk and yet matching the natural tones intended in this corner. Visualization: Mockup Render.

More inspiration: 10 L-shaped workspaces for extra working room.

Deep blues and vertical wood slats

Beyond a glass wall, below an illuminated ceiling, tucked in a coner of the living room, this modern home office space shares the same wall with a velvet grey sofa. Deep blue paint was chosen to oppose the dark color of the wooden slats, creating a competition for your visual attention. Both of these functions – relaxation and work – deserve the same amount of attention, yet at different times in the day. Designers: Zarysy.

More inspiration: 7 Glass Home Offices to Inspire Your Own

Vertical walls created with vertical slats

Sometimes the vertical slats define the home work desk fro the rest of the room not by being placed on the wall, but by being the wall. All around this bedroom, vertical slats create the illusion of a taller space, while the white desk in the corner and white slats contrast the rest of the room’s color palette in grey. Cold and warm colors were chosen to create an upbeat mood. Designer: U Design. Visualizer: Julia Sultanova.

Contrasting color palette makes an impact

If you love contrasts, this next corner home workspace with slat wall background might serve you as inspiration. Occupying a corner of the wall with a floor to ceiling closet, this cheerful home office features a floating desk, a mini library and a modern arm lamp to illuminate working well into the night. The crisp contrast between black and white was softened by using wood, while the slim black vertical lines in the design were mirrored in the choice of using wood slats to define the workspace area. Visualizer: AM Architects.

From daylight to night time workspace

This next example of creating an inviting work from home setup does more than play with textures and geometry. Designers felt it was important to create different moods with the help of natural and artificial lights. Under a false ceiling that seems to be floating above, wood slats slide down to shape a designated area for working from home. Designers: Design Filosofia.

See more photos here: Light Creating Multiple Moods: Bedroom and Workspace Combined.

Flip the idea upside down

Sometimes you have to turn the whole idea on its head and allow wooden slats to define everything but the workspace. Unlike the other examples, this bedroom workspace was placed under the window, leaving the slat decor to the wall the bed is placed against. This creates the opportunity of designing a platform bed and also split the vertical wood slats in two, so that personal photos can be displayed and storage hidden. keeping the color palette simple makes for an impactful visual effect. Visualizer: Julia Bryzgalina.

More inspiration: 30 Inspiring Workspaces Burrowed Under a Window.

Bedroom workspace to vanity

When you have a vanity in the bedroom, it’s easy to bring in your laptop and change the function of this area into a temporary home office. The privacy offered by the bedroom can be enough to get your work done. Beyond using wooden slats to maintain a contemporary design, the use of LED lights in this elegant bedroom is luxurious.

More inspiration: 10 Multifunctional Bedrooms – Vanity to Workspace.

An accent wood slat decoration can bring an easy change in your bedroom if you decide to transform a corner of this private area into a space for WFH. Here are more ideas on how to focus on work from a place usually reserved for sleep and love:

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