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10 Floating Work Desks Sprinkled Around Modern Bedrooms 

Floating desks are an interesting way of uplifting your interior design and add a little room for working in the bedroom.

Can you see a nook in your bedroom where a floating desk can be built? Because plenty of bedrooms we’ve seen have a corner set out for a temporary home office.

The beauty of a floating desk in the bedroom is that it can shapeshift from a vanity to a temporary home office. It all depends on the objects used – mirror or laptop. Multifunctional spaces like these are a fantastic way of exploring the functions of your home in a more fluid way than you’ve done before.

Soft grey and pink bedroom workspace

Next to a headboard feature wall with a dangling sculptural pendant light, a floating desk extends the function of the space imagined by ArtPartner Architects. Floating on a pegboard background, the desk with two drawers maintains its inclusion in the overall design through that grey nuance, while the pink pouf tightens the connection to the soft side of the bedroom design.

Small space with various functions

Vertical wooden panels define a part of this bedroom as the entertainment and work area. One small space can include both a TV and a floating desk underneath that can serve various functions, as Martin Architects imagined. You can use it as a temporary home office or a vanity, while the part under the TV can be used as shelving.

Glossy white floating desk in raw bedroom

Partly growing out of a textured accent wall in the bedroom, partly covering a floor-to-ceiling mirror, this floating desk switches from vanity to workspace in no time. Imagined by ONI Architects as contrasting the raw stone accent wall, the glossy white slab takes on whatever function you want to give it.

Long and narrow floating desk

This next bedroom has plenty of space for not just one, but a double workspace. And yet was imagined by Matas Nagele to be a long and well lit floating desk on the wall opposing the TV. Keeping the elegant lines and materials use throughout, the wooden chair seems to have been made especially to fit in this room.

Simple yet illuminated floating desk

In the example below, imagined by Bezmirno Architects for an Ukrainian home, the floating desk is lit by indirect LED lights illuminating the TV’s background. This desk is spacious enough to place a lamp and your laptop, since there is no need to clutter up a space meant for sleeping and other enjoyable activities.

Peek-a-boo floating desk

Imagined by Studio Dvordes, this bedroom design below is beautifully balanced. On one side, you have the comfortable bed, while the other side is occupied by a floating desk portruding from the illuminated bookshelf. Take a closer look at the second picture right below this one and see how detailed the order and discipline is. Or have a look here to see the whole bedroom.

An attic treasure

This attic bedroom looks cosy and inviting. The fact that it can fit a mini home office on a floating desk is probably the way architects like Olovo show us that you can have a treasure in any attic. This home is the same one that features these two kids rooms with desks for “home office” play.

Long floating desk under the window

Next we have this grey and powder blue bedroom with a fantastic floating desk that spans the entire wall under the window. Designed by Ngoc Nguyen to maximise floor space, the floating desk mirrors the color of the wardrobe and welomes sunshine from the window above it.

Grey floating desk from one panel to another

Lugerin Architects designed this bedroom to have a floating desk flanked by the wall panelling. With a very minimalistic aproach, designers created an uncluttered space for both night and day, for both work and rest.

Flooded with daylight

Then we have a wooden floating desk that spans an entire wall, built from the shelving unit in this minimalist apartment designed by Vadim Ryzhkov & Evgeniya Raskosova. Black bedding changes the whole vibe of the place, placing the accent on a more contrasting, masculine energy. Easy to change with just chaging the bedding – colors and textures can lend this space their magic.

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