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Light Creating Multiple Moods: Bedroom and Workspace Combined

Thinking of creative ways of altering the moods you get in your bedroom/workspace area? Try playing with light and expanding on the transition between day and night to create awareness and separation between the workday and the night sleep state.

We’re exploring a bedroom that incorporated light design into its features to better integrate the working area in the corner. A true contemporary bedroom workspace, this part of the room was clearly defined by using wooden slats to decorate its limits.

Imagined by Design Filosofia studio, this bedroom is a clear example of how light modifies the environment and ends up altering your mood. You know how you feel when it rains outside or how easy it is to be in a good mood when kissed by sunshine?

This is what light and darkness can create and our biology stands testament to that with our circadian rhythms. Two functions of this space – bedroom and workspace – seem separated from each other by lighting design. At night, the bedroom looks dark and dramatic, only to look refreshingly white when daylight floods the room.

This is one of the ways in which home office designers make light dance to serve you different moods. As daylight melts into night, shadows turn from soft to sharp and extend a different geometry inside the space.

Wooden slats were used to create a modern effect that delineates the workspace from the rest of the wall. Featured in our list of 7 Wood Slat Walls Defining Home Office Spaces, this contemporary bedroom workspace was designed to exude the actual working surface from the massive shape of the white closet.

While we’ve seen many bedroom work desks flaunting minimalist lamp designs, this particular space needed a softer light and a more romantic shape for the lamp illuminating the corner.

On the wall with the bed, the headboard wall is a beautiful oak slatted design. Both sides of the bed are flanked with floor to ceiling mirrors, creating even more dimension while keeping things simple.

After taking a detailed look at the workspace part of the room, the rest of the bedroom is also fresh and inviting during the day and alluring at night time.

Hanging from the ceiling and mirrored on both sides of the bed, two black pendant bedroom lights keep the same crisp color as the frames supporting the some of the furniture. These vertical lines shaped by pendant lights hanging down match the vertical wood slats used to create the accent wall behind the grey headboard.

Perfectly layed herringbone flooring was color matched with the oak decorating the walls and the heavy curtain that keeps darkness outside the window during the night. Seen from the angle below, the bed and night stands seem to be almost hovering at night, when softer light comes on.

There are numerous examples that can have you searching for a faster way to upgrade your own bedroom workspace. Some help you decide if you should do a complete home office makeover or just adjust some furniture and decor here and there to make everything fit together. Here are a few more ideas to indulge in:

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