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Attic Bedroom Workspace with Tropical Jungle Feeling

An attic is the perfect workspace center – and sometimes, sharing this home office with your bedroom might look and feel fantastic. We say that already knowing how today’s workspace inspiration looks like.

We invite you to zoom into the details that transformed an attic space into a dreamy bedroom with an awe-inspiring working space.

Part of the same Patriot House by Archiplastica in which we’ve seen this Gold-Touched Home Office Feels Like Stylized Forest, our example for today showcases how a bedroom workspace under slanted ceilings can give off a vibe of luxurious workspace in the tropical jungle – and all this in the confort of your own home, with the help of interior design.

Imagine waking up in this cosy bedroom dressed in wood – putting your feet down on the soft grey rug and walking to the large windows to pull the curtains open, revealing and inviting energizing daylight inside. Feel the wooden flooring under your feet as you turn and look around your bedroom. Right at the head of the bed, a wooden desk seems to be floating as it patiently waits for you to start the workday.

This attic bedroom workspace is separated by the rest of the room by design choices. Placing the desk at the head of the bed creates plenty of space for comfortable working while sitting in the grey velvet chair.

Wooden slats dress up half of the bedroom walls and ceiling, as if it was one continuous ribbon wrapping around in order to create a very satisfying design.

Big house plants help create a jungle feeling, one that quenches the thirst for freedom and creates a vibrating atmosphere at the same time.

An additional skylight helps illuminate the workspace even further and bounces light off of the warm wood, creating the aura of a soothing environment. All this daylight helps the owner focus on work while maintaining an upbeat, happy look on life. We all know how important natural light is for our health, so it just clicks to have access to plenty of natural light during the day.

At night, this bedroom workspace is illuminated by spotlights coming through the wooden slats on the ceiling. A modern floor lamp on the opposing side of the room from the desk lights up a contemporary collection of square poufs making up a velvet-covered sofa system.

All this lightly-colored wood makes for a warm atmosphere that lends this feeling to whatever activity the owner enterprises in this space. A stylized collection of three wood stumps shape a coffee table that invites to breaks during the workday, while the yellow armchair looks like it can give the feeling of being back in the safety of a womb.

The remaining opposing walls – one painted in white and interrupted by a wooden insertion serving as a library and one completely made out of glass – make this attic room feel balanced and inviting.

How would you feel in such a warm room, where relaxation and work share the same space?

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