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2 Ingenious Bedroom Workspace Designs

These two ingenious bedroom designs show us how differently designers think of the function of a space. Are you ready to take a leap of faith in designing your own bedroom workspace?

Ingenious Space Partitioning

Our first example shows us a creative way of bringing light deep into the bedroom by using space partitioning. Sliding glass and metal walls help define functions of sleeping and working from the rest of the living, eating, cooking and cleaning areas.

Visualized by Anton Anastasya, this small apartment is so seductively attractive because of the way imagination shaped the space into functions with contemporary solutions.

Modern wood cutouts create a transition between the bed and the door to the balcony, natural ventilation going deep into the house. A glass wall separates this wooden volume from the rest of the living area.

Framed by black hardware, this glass enclosure has two sliding doors, one on the left revealing the office, and one on the right that gives acces to the bedroom.

Light, soft colors were teamed with textured materials like concrete walls and ceiling, bespoke wood furniture and space partitions. And the results are magnificent!

Desk and bed take center stage

Our second example of a bedroom workspace makes the desk take center stage, alongside the bed. Martin’s Architects did an amazing job placing emphasis on the use space in this modern bedroom.

Flaunting a rather large bed in the middle of the elongated room makes the space look roomier and multifunctional. The headboard becomes a work-from-home-desk on the other side of the sleeping area.

Within a calming grey bedroom, this bright red desk chair demands attention and reminds us that there is another energy in this bedroom – the one that makes the dreams come true: work.

Seen from above, the bedroom the bedroom seems rather small. And yet there is plenty of storage space behind a rich grey curtain hiding closet space.

Which workspace bedroom design would suit your home if you chose one of the examples above?

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