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Deep Blue Home Office Wall Sets Color Tone

This upscale home office was imagined by Kiev-based designer Oksana Dolgopiatova. She designed this room to serve as a home office for the owners, but that was just the functional client brief. The designer imagined a strong colored interior mixed with simple shapes and set on a white background.

With a timeless design, this home office mirrors the rest of the house, with strong blue and lively patterns intermingled with simple design lines.

A modern wooden desk sits in the middle of the room, with a cosy black chair as company. A frosted glass window with a black frame hides the bathroom and glowfully illuminates this workspace indirectly.

This deep blue choice for the accent wall oozed into the frame of the large storage space, keeping a sharp edge for the overall impact. Allowing the rest of the space to be kept to a minimum from the color viewpoint, this deep blue keeps the owner energized all (work) day long.

Colorful patterns on the rug are now displayed on the wall, while the living room was gifted the same style of rug in the middle of the room. This keeps a strong bond between the spaces.

Deep blue is also a color found in the rest of the public living spaces. Against the rest of the subdued colors, this bold statement sets the tone for an impressive workspace design.

Plenty of storage space, both open and closed, is available in the two separate wall libraries. Bespoke furniture can become part of the overall design if it can be integrated in both the function and the available space.

Easy to keep private with the help of horizontal blinds on windows and glass doors, this space has the perfect area for a medium-sized home.

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