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Magnetic Mini Whiteboard for Productive Home Office Work

Productivity and organization are priorities for those who work from home. Trying to find the best solutions for your own home office workday in such a big world of possibilities can be challenging and trying out many products is not really sustainable. What we want is to find modern solutions to our challenges.

A multifunctional home office aid that helps with creativity, productivity and organizing your schedule and ideas could be just the thing you didn’t know you were looking for.

Combining the most important features of a whiteboard and a post-it, this reusable finger sized productivity system makes working from home easier and more productive. Keeping a schedule is one thing, but having a flexible schedule creator that can also act as a planner, idea holder and much more is the next level for office work.

With the help of the Mover Erase Combo designed by Bravestorming, building a schedule can be done brick by brick and also moved around to fit real life when things don’t go according to plan.

Easy to use, this portable, reusable, magnetic home office tool proves its versatility and multifunctionality every time you use it. Different sized rectangular elements can be written on, moved around, you can erase and rewrite on it and stick it to any surface.

Portable and occupying little space, the reusable finger-sized focusing tool can extend your productive time outside the home, when you might be working remotely from anywhere, including a garden pod or a caravan home office.

It’s also easy to clean using either a cloth or running it under a stream of water. But beyond its features, the portable, easy to use, easy to clean Mover Erase Combo is also a green alternative to our usual paper post-its. Each reusable tile saves almost 10,000 sheets of paper. Made out of washable silicone, the productivity tool has a patented magnetic design that increases its versatility.

Described by the designers as a “tactile tool to declutter your mind” and focus on one task at a time, the magnetic productivity tool helps you create a home office routine based on discipline and a creative outlook on your everyday schedule.

The Mover Erase Combo comes with a magnetic folio case that acts as a portable whiteboard. This magnetic folio is available in two sizes (the smaller MoverPad and the larger MoverBook) and features columns that help you organize and move ideas around until you’re satidfied with the results of your work.

You can always go back and snap an idea written on an individual Mover Erase tile out of one place and move it somewhere else. And then there are two more tools to give you all the freedom you need: a grid-based ThinkerBoard, and a MoverPanel for arranging your magnetic tiles as you please.

The flexible productivity system is at the second generation, so designers upgraded this creative product with new ideas and feedback from the people who happily used the first version for their WFH setup.

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