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Gold-Touched Home Office Feels Like Stylized Forest

Daydreaming during work hours can look a lot different depending on the home space you work from. When you daydream from the bedroom, the bed might pull you to daydream during a power nap, but when you use your imagination from a dedicated office room inspired by the colors, textures and light of the forest, daydreaming might look a bit different.

Spaces visualized for bespoke feelings become a guide throughout the workday, reminding owners what they’ve accomplished so far and what they can look forward to. Like the golden hour, this illuminated home office we’re exploring today feels like a walk in a stylized forest.

With dark shades in the curtains and the rug, grounded by a lightly colored wood seen in the flooring, desk and the smaller coffee table, this private workspace maintains a feeling of home.

Designed by Archiplastica for the Patriot House – a home so inviting you would just want to move in immediately – this dedicated home office room plays with light and dark colors to create different moods.

With a color palette almost reminiscent of a relaxing forest walk, the workspace puts the central focus on an imposing wooden desk. Illuminated by daylight from two sides, this corner of the office can be completely shielded from outdoors by pulling the deep brown curtains closed.

Earthy tones run a deep contrast to the rest of the space, drawind the eye into the calmness of a still, quiet imaginary forest. This is what I would think about as I rest my eyes during a workbreak, just before I got up from the cosy chair to use the 3D Stoic Standing Mat and actually feel like I’m walking on a forest surface.

White book covers all around seem like the ultimate luxury. Keeping the intended color palette is more than just choosing wallpaint and furniture colors, it’s all about paying attention to the little details that can make or breaks a mood.

Imagine having book covers of all colors randomly placed on the floating shelves near the desk – they might unconsciouslly distract you from work. The lack of randomness in this particular home office design comes not only from textures and hues, but also from these incredibly intentional and detailed choices of decor.

An 180 degree angle view away from the desk, on the other side of the room, this honey-colored, gold-infused scene invites to relaxation during work breaks, but also to having guests over, be they business partners or family members.

Sometimes you want to signal working hours with an outlook-connected busy light installed on the home office door, but just imagine having a door to shut during working hours – that would do wonders for productivity.

Three coffee tables acts as whatever you want them to be, depending on need and mood. And yet, they are all part of the story, a dark one, a light one, a taller one, a smmaler one, and a different one.

Even the corner of the entrance door was dressed in wood to celebrate the artistic beauty of nature. Or maybe that’s just how I see it.

When you have an entire room to dedicate to a private home workspace, possibilities become more and more appealing. Here are a few more ideas, because we all know where inspiration comes from- the best sources, architects and designers themselves:

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