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Raw Wood Home Office Sporting Modern Fireplace

What kind of a home office room do you daydream about?

There are so many stunning and inspiring home office designs that it can even become hard to make up your mind.

Do you like neutral colors or would you rather have a black and white home office? Would you like glass walls separating your home workspace from the rest of the home? Or maybe you like natural colors and warm wooden details, like the home office we’re exploring today – a dreamy workspace where hard work and relaxation go hand in hand.

Visualized by Archiplastica Architectural Studio, this warm home office room design in wood speaks about that special feeling of freedom you get when you’re out in nature. Surrounded by different types of wooden furniture and decor, one can work inside a stylized version of an outdoor setup.

A wood display shelf and a wood library share the same function of storage, yet one stores decor and the other, knowledge.

Raw warm-colored wood looks best when lit in creative ways that underline the beauty of its natural texture. Thanks to the two windows, a larger one behind the desk and a smaller one hidden in the library, natural light is welcomed inside all throughtout the day. Indirect lighting at night makes the home office come alive in a different way than during the day, creating more depth.

The two windows flood the home office with natural light during the day, helping the owner embrace a faster pace, while at night, a set of indirect lights set the tone for relaxation. These two feelings – fast-paced and relaxed – create an efficient daily cycle that supports a self-disciplined lifestyle.

And there’s only one thing better than enjoying both natural and artificial light – enjoying flames dancing inside a modern fireplace.

In the middle of the room, a desk that looks like a big block of wood sets the tone of the overall design. Vertical wood slats partially decorate the wall behind the chair, while a wooden curtain gallery lit from behind creates a soothing, calm atmosphere. This use of direct and indirect lighting helps set up a workspace that has a huge potential for creative workflow.

Cladded in dark tiles, this contemporary fireplace design compliments the raw wood home office style. Interrupting the texture of the wood with the contrasting texture of dark tiles and the transparency of glass safely enclosing the fire flames, this corner of the room feels different. This is the part of the home office that supports relaxation during breaks and at night, when the flames can heal all wrongdoings of the past day.

Right next to the armchair that cradles many daydreams, a wood stump acts as both a sidetable and an anchor into nature. Imagine putting up your legs to warm them by the fireplace after a long day behind the work desk – an amazing way to ease into restful sleep.

Beyond the use of wood and artificial illumination, we all know that a fireplace in the home office is something many dream about. Here are some more home office rooms with a fireplace, so that you can see that there are infinite ways of setting up a dream workspace to work from in the privacy of your own home:

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