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Soothing Home Office and Library in Neutral Colors

Privacy offered by a dedicated home office room is one of the most important things you can have. This can be one of the reasons that can place you ahead in your work by helping you keep focused. We’re loving modern rooms that were dedicated to being a workspace and if they also have a library, we’re sold.

Most of these home office rooms have the same main functions: a desk and chair, some shelves and storage space and a place to relax during breaks, like a sofa or an armchair.

The home office room we’re discovering today gives us a monochromatic perspective – a modern place where neutral colors create a soothing atmosphere. This helps reduce distractions by offering an organized, visually uncluttered space.

Designed by VAE Architects, today’s home office design example showcases a modern way of having plenty of storage space that solves more than one problem.

Beyond having a place for everything and everything in its place, this plethora of storage spaces allow the actual working surface to display only the minimum items needed for the task at hand. Thus the desk is left uncluttered and ready to be used at its full potential, avoiding tempting distractions.

In this monochromatic ocean, the map on the wall sticks out with Russian area as a bright red splash of color, reminding us that this is a Russian home office design. Another red focal point can be seen framed on the wall opposing the library, in the shape of butterfly art.

Fitted with white and grey curtains, the large window allows the owner to choose between letting natural light in or using the multitude of artificial lights lining the ceiling. Even the library has lights on top, so that the owner can create different types of moods and enjoy the space as they please.

Quality finishes, dominated by light neutral shades, create a distinguished, organized appeal. Defined by the addition of black elements – like the door, the chair, frames on the wall, this space also shows the fun part of combining colors into the furniture. The tabletop and sofa are light colored, while the sofa’s frame and desk legs look dipped in darkness. See here more inspiring spaces: 10 dark home offices soaked in dramatic glamour.

Beyond function, there is form. And each decor piece tells a story. Some stories are more visible, like the interest in challenging mind games, showcased by the chess set in the corner. Other stories hold more depth and you have to get to know the owner to understand the meaning of that half of a horse sculpture holds.

The placement of the desk and sofa helps us get a glimpse into the owner’s way of relaxing during work breaks, but also tells a story about how guests are greeted in this space.

A large enough home office room like this gives you the possibility to use the space for more than working. For example, you can use the Stoic Standing Mat to keep fit during the workday and experience nature at home.

Most home office rooms are, as we can see in each example, windows into the owner’s preferences. Some people choose monochromatic interiors to use as home workspaces, others prefer different styles:

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