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Dark Modern Home Office Room Immersed in Minimalism

Would you rather be working from a dark modern home office room or a light, neutrally colored space?

If you chose the second option, here is more of what you might be looking for. But if you chose the first option – a dark, contemporary workspace design that immerses you into the luxury of attention to details, let’s explore this fascinating home office design.

Some people prefer to be surrounded by furniture and design elements that sooth the mind with simplicity.

Designed by Zrobim Architects for a client that enjoys the relaxing atmosphere of a minimalist space, this home workspace gives off a luxurious glamour vibe from the moment you walk in.

A simple floor-to-ceiling window illuminates this black, grey and deep blue office. Indirect LED strip lights make the ceiling appear to be floating, furthering the feeling of a surreal artistic space for work. All around, darkness seems to invite to reflection and peacefulness.

Everything in this simple home office design seems to be placed there in an artful way. The quality of materials and designer’s attention to details make a minimalist space stand out – that’s how luxury is shaped.

The main focal point in the room is not the desk and chair, but rather the modern sculpture fitted in a wall nook, framed by deep blue and placed under a spotlight. This makes the rest of the room almost look like it’s only a display ground for this one important piece of art.

In the sculpture’s shadow, the desk sits half illuminated by natural light, half accompanied by the spotlight’s rays. Above the desk, a simple overhead light offers plenty of focused illumination for the evening and there is a secondary illumination piece – a minimalist table lamp.

The desk is a massive representation of the idea of proffesional work and it was paired with a modern executive swivel chair that further underlines this representation.

The only object in the room that breaks the mold is the statue – uneven, shaped after imagination, imperfect – that illustrates the beauty of the human.

Black stained wood lines the walls on three sides, creating a relaxing atmosphere and giving the opportunity to ehxibit the wood’s texture. The fourth wall, in front of the work desk, replicates concrete textures seen on the ceiling. Acting as contrast, the heater’s mask is also seen as an opportunity to display a contemporary candlestick in black and a rounded piece of decor that breaks the color monotony.

A modern sofa in grey with a rounded seat mirrors the round black coffee table further speaks about the fun of designing on a minimalist color and shape palette.

A play on rounded and straight lines, this dark modern home office room is a minimalist’s dream workspace. Just observe how the heater covering was punched with holes that can also be seen in the design of the ceiling. Details like the rounded door hardware mirroring the lamp right next to the elegant sofa make the space even more beautiful.

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