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Smart Way to Integrate a Workdesk in the Bedroom

Designers sometimes look for smart and elegant solutions to integrate a workspace into the bedroom and make their client happy. And sometimes, the clients might even be surprised by the design outcome – I would have been for sure! This particular project we’re exploring today flaunts sky high creativity when blending warm wooden bespoke furniture with a cool color palette in grey and blue.

Wrapped around the corner of a space partition, this work desk in the bedroom proves how creativity can shape unique spaces.

Designed by K BAND in a 72 sqm apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, the bedroom visually invites you in only to expose a second functionality with the simple addition of a chair and a laptop – or transform this corner into a vanity by simply adding a mirror.

This bedroom nook looks like it was dipped in wood and the rest – walls, ceiling – was painted grey. And we all know that grey is not a color considered very exciting, and yet what designers can do with it is mostly surprising.

The most luminous part of the bedroom easily transforms into an office space just by adding a chair and your laptop. Plenty of natural light comes inside through the windows and that translucent curtain diffuses the natural sunlight enough to make it comfortable to work from a laptop.

Simplicity and functionality were two main aims for this design and both were achieved with elegance and a modern twist. This space partitioning makes the whole bedroom area seem more interesting while flooding the space with warm natural light all day long.

Ivy climbs up a trellis, creating visual focus on the bedroom wall, while the head rest also offers support for a painting. All lights are black, lamps and modern chandalier both. This crispness in dark modern lines balances the overall feel, keeping it somewhere between feminine and masculine. The floor lamp near the window might give away the fact that this was a smart way to integrate a workdesk in the bedroom.

Since this is a corner bedroom with corner windows, the luminosity of this space also helped visually divide it in white and grey. Even the choice in lighting keeps this theme, with white lights following the entrance to a nursery behind the soft grey door.

Metal can be seen everywhere, from the choice of furniture structure and decor to the big modern lamp above the bed.

This part of the design, with sharp edges and hard materials bring that modern masculine vibe to this otherwise soft environment. This bedroom hints to the possibility of both parents having a say in both the design of the space and the way the child is brought up.

More and more bedrooms become temporary home offices since the beginning of the pandemic. Since we weren’t prepared with a dedicated workspace in our homes, we now have the opportunity to create a home workspace, be it in the bedroom or the garden. Here are more ideas on how to enjoy working from your own bedroom workspace:

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