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5 Fireplace Home Offices that Light Your Way to Wealth 

Spring nights are right in between cold winter feet and warm summer ground. How about kicking up your feet to get warmer by the flames? Having a fireplace in your workspace at home can be considered luxurious or it can be seen as a retreat after work.

Lighting your way through the daily grind while working from home is a challenge, especially if you have kids. But the thought of evenings by the fireplace can suddenly uplift your spirit during the day and create that bitter-sweet feeling of a wish to come that easily comes true right after work – mind as well make a habit out of it!

Creating moods in your home office

Adding a contemporary fireplace to this private office space designed by ONI Architects was that extra step taken to create a whole mood. Sculpture, modern design, whiskey and a soft blaket on the sofa create the possibility of enjoying some quality time “at the office” even if you’re done working. And when working from a home you share with a partner, this means that there can be two of you to enjoy an evening by the fireplace. See more photos of this Museum-Inspired Home Office Overlooking the Metropoliss here.

Luxury in the mind, luxury in the space

A workroom at home can be the private space you use while working and also enjoy whenever you’re not working. The simple addition of a fireplace and armchair creates a new dimension to any home office room and contains many possibilities of spending time around the office while excluding discussions around the water cooler. You can definitely focus on the fireflames and relax instead, upgrading your mind and lifestyle while working from the house. See more of this particular home workspace deisgned by Diff Studio right here: Luxury Home Office Boasting Black Marble Fireplace.

Feminine and imposing home office

This next workspace at home is an example of pure luxury. And it doesn’t even have a fireplace, just the thought and design of one. Seen in Diff Studio‘s portfolio, this elegant home office with two entrances mirrors the owner’s needs, wishes and mode of presentation to anyone who came in business contact with them – and all while working from home. Designing your space really gives you the opportunity to express yourself and your work. Here are more photos showing off plenty of Majestic Luxury: Modern Meets Classic Workroom Design.

Raw wood and a fireplace

Showcasing preferences is also a way of exploring this work from home scenario when designing your own home office with a fireplace. This next example imagined by Archiplastica Architectural Studio is less on the luxury side and more on the rawness of materials used to build it and the lighting creating the atmosphere. Hidden behind that raw wood desk there is a fireplace you can see more of right here: Raw Wood Home Office Sporting Modern Fireplace.

Functional minimalist in the city

Our last example combines more functions into one. A double bedroom with a double home workspace for both partners and a fireplace to go with it all. Designed by architect and designer Daniel Goncharenko, this multifunctional urban space creates enough room to work from home and enough privacy with a wall divider that also acts as a fireplace. See the whole bedroom right here: Functional minimalist bedroom home office for two.

And if you want to go deeper into adding something special to your home office, here is what you can choose from:

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