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Privacy Breeds Focused Work: My Home Office Pod

Remote work can sound as a dream come true or as a nightmare, depending on how you’re used to working. If you now work from home, but you miss your colleagues, that humming always present in an office building, getting coffee with a side of quick talk during breaks, then working from home might seem lonely for you.

On the other hand, if you love privacy and quiet time while working, setting your own schedule and the freedom to work from wherever as long as you have an internet connection, then working remotely might seem like the answer to your prayers.

Today’s home office topic revolves around a modern solution to working remotely and having all the privacy you need while visually enjoying the outdoors – from your own garden or even from a remote location out in nature.

The patended My Home Office design pulls you away from stress into the middle of nature, as you decide to work remotely from this modern workspace pod.

Designers explain how they created the workspace pod: “Our concept is based on the latest design trends, is winter and summer proof, due to the highest isolation standards and can, in most cases, be placed in the garden permit free and without a (concrete) foundation. More than ever before there is a need for a comfortable remote workplace. That is why we created My Home Office.”

Two glass walls and two opaque ones make up a simple rectangular design that supports your workday while you get to enjoy the everchanging weather from an insulated work cabin.

One glazed side of the pod showcases three planters that upgrade this modern workspace to a mini-garden, so that even if your garden space is small, you can still enjoy a few plants growing right outside your window.

Imagine having one of these small yet spacious pods to place in your garden and work in peace. At the same time, you’re close enough to your home so that any problem that might arrise, you’re a few feet away from solving it.

There is more than one version of this pod available. Designers created a customizable concept that you can add to according to your needs: “Whether it concerns multiple workplaces, an alternative size, a shower or toilet, we will always find a suitable solution.” So, whatever you might need, designers can always think of the best solution that we seldom see for ourselves.

There is no need for a concrete foundation to install the My Home Office, you only need a paved area it can be placed on a level on.

You can work well into the night, because My Home Office is equipped with a wall mounted 240V, weatherproof IP44 socket that allows you to plug in and immediately use everything the pod has to offer.

Fitted with a desk measuring 80 x 140 cm and a fixed height that you get to decide upon, the small but freedom-giving basic version of this garden workspace is a fantastic way of exploring working remotely at a different level.

It’s not the first time we’re talking about this kind of remote work alternative. These are a few more office pods you can choose from to set up your garden or cliff-side workspace:

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