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All Year Round Work Room in the Garden 

How would you describe working outside? What would it look like in your imagination? What would you need to feel cosy and safe in a space constructed for working outdoors, yet screened from nature’s whims?

Work from home can mean working from the garden when you have this customizable room in the garden that you can work from all year round. Small remote offices have been on the rise during the pandemic, so My Room in The Garden offers custom solutions that allign to your needs during these trying times.

What do you imagine working on from this garden pod – research, writing, composing music, or maybe easily blasting through the daily workload?

Uninterrupted work is not that far away when you have one of these office pods in the garden.

The garden office comes in three sizes, all of them made using sustainably sourced birch plywood and covered weatherproof aluminum. Each panel of the structure can be customised to create a bespoke space fitted in your available space.

Enticing features make My Room in the Garden a valuable solution to working from home. There is no need for a planning permit, since no foundation is needed for either of the modules, they have a max height of 2.5m from ground level. And it only takes one day to get all pre-assembled pieces fitted together, so you can start enjoying your work outside pretty soon.

Lucky home owners that have a garden or a backyard can enjoy the outdoors and even work from a space almost open to the outdoors, as the Room in the Garden shows.

We’ve been seeing the rise in garden workspaces all throughout 2020 and this trend continues this year. Check out these options for working from your own backyard:

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