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10 Luxurious Home Offices for Inspired Daily Workflow

Luxury means different things to different people. Some might like a fast-paced lifestyle and a home office with a clear view to the helliport, so that they have easy access to their hellicopter on the roof, others prefer the relaxed version of a home workspace, where classic design lines were kept and a contemporary work setup has been created.

Let’s explore a series of 10 luxurious home office areas that can inspire some modifications in your own home.

Luxury Home Office Overlooking the Helliport

Our first example of a luxurious home office is this Bel Air workspace listed on The Pinnacle List. In this stunning workspace, you don’t have to worry about finding the motivation to keep a disciplined work-flow, the flying motivation is parked right next to the corner glass doors. The whole house is a dream and, in one photo, we can see some of the things promised by this lifestyle – water and air domination.

Majestic Luxury: Modern Meets Classic Workroom Design

Our second workspace is a luxury home office occupying an entire room and unappologetically displaying a futuristic desk chair behind a massive minimalist work desk. Designed by Diff, this sculptural, feminine workspace invites to a stimulating business schedule. See more of this space from different angles right here.

Contemporary Workspace Hidden Behind Light Marble

Next, this living room home office visualized by Phong Nguyen flaunts marble in all its beauty, lit by bright daylight coming from huge glazed walls. Nestled in an alcove on one side of the living room, this home workspace showcases a book wall, a desk and elegant chair for those days in which the owner needs to be working. Plenty of artificial lights transform this contemporaary living and working space into an even more luxurious version of its self at night.

Black Marble Supporting Modern Floating Desk

Up next, this living room workspace imagined by Archiplastica is part of a luxury home where the main colors and textures create a high-end ambience. A floating desk made of wood partially wrapps around a partition cladded in black marble. Such a classic display of materials and furniture was upgraded with the use of the space and its division in different functions, like this inspiring home workspace. This space can easily be desconstructed – just take away the laptop, chair and maybe lamp and the home office becomes invisible.

Classy Home Office Room in Black and Grey

Moving on to a different kind of a home office – one that occupies an entire room. Designed by Ahmed Alsayed, this contemporary workspace is part of an island villa in Egypt. Prioritising black and grey as main colors, designers imagined a space where the desk in the middle can be used by the owner and two additional guests. A small coffee table in front of the work desk speaks volumes about what kind of a host the owner is, inviting as the space around.

Dark Workspace Immersed in Dramatic Glamour

An even darker interior design is showcased in this luxurious home office room designed by Russian architects Rindes. Within an apartment that has preserved a great historical heritage in the form of stucco moldings, this private workspace dives into a glamorous design by upgrading the classic to a modern place for work. Heringbone flooring and gold details, accompanied by a rounded workdesk and elegantly lit library make this dark home office room an invitation to creativity and art.

Luxury Workspace Flooded by Daylight

Imagined by visualizer Aleksandr Kalinov, this next luxury home office room is flooded with daylight and views of outdoor greenery while displaying an elegant choice of furniture and decorative materials. A contemporary fireplace offfers moments of meditation – just watching the flames dance around can recenter your focus, so that the workday becomes even more productive.

Lively Colors in Professional Home Office Design

Next we have an example of a workspace imagined by Design ATO Studio, a comfortable and inviting modern room, where colors like mustard and turquoise were creatively introduced in a grey, black and chocolate brown space. Offering plenty of space for a comfortable day of work, this working room setup flashes stylish ergonomic chairs and there is also enough space to use the Stoic Standing Mat, so that one can experience nature inside while working out.

Strikingly Modern in Sleek Glass and Thin Metal Lines

Designed by YØ DEZEEN, the next workspace constructed of glass and thin metal lines gives off a very stylish vibe. The color palette and chosen furniture surrport a minimalist work style, yet the tall grey sculpture hints to a love for art and the green house plant in the corner speaks about the owner’s admiration for nature. In between these design elements and furniture items, a simple desk and chair make up the working setup used daily.

Working with a View of the Ocean

Our last luxury workspace is part of a spacious bedroom overlooking the ocean. Even if the bedroom wasn’t this impressing, the old writing desk that can be used as a workspace or even a vanity is still overlooking incredible views outside. Designed by architect Barton Myers for a 3,991-square-foot home from perched on a hillside near Santa Barbara, this stunning home showcases a luxurious way to be a digital nomad – from room to room, because this stunning home is a vacation in itself.

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