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10 Home Workspaces With Concrete Appeal

Concrete walls and the casual driftwood or glass here and there can make for some inspiring workspaces.

There are a few materials that go really well with concrete. And even concrete can be used in different way, for an entire concrete accent wall or to define the exact space designated for the workspace, as you will see in one of the examples below.

Concrete: Eye-Catching Statement or Subtle Background?

Today we’re looking over an eclectic collection of spaces designed for working from home that might inspire your own workspace makeover.

Concrete Ceiling + Unusual Desk

In this eclectic home office, the space itself seems to have been looking for an unusual setup. Imagined by Martins Architects, this space with a concrete ceiling shaowcases a unique geometrically designed working desk in the middle of the room.

Concrete + Artwork

In this home office created by LOGOVO Design Group, filled with plenty of natural light, concrete walls add visual texture to the overall feel. In a workspace lined with framed artwork, the owner must feel the muse visiting often.

Concrete + Driftwood

Visualized by Hung Le, this home office room is a laid-back space that even has room for a stored bike. A library fills part of a wall, leaving the rest exposed to concrete. Wood is mirrored in the desk under the window, as well as visually softens the space and adds bounce towalking around.

Concrete + City Views

Visualized by George Dimitrov, this modern office could be your inspiration to dream of one day owning such a huge space where the industrial style feels at home. A framed map of the world and aerial view of the city speaks of the desire to fly even higher. And this inspiring workspace is where all the hard work would happen.

Concrete + Wood and Cheerful Yellow

A modern home deserves a modern home office. And what is more modern than creating an inviting, cosy feel with the help of concrete walls? Visualized by Alexandr Chemeris, the home office above plants a cost feel with the use of warm wood while maintaining an industrial, yet creative blend of details.

Concret + Skinny Library

If it weren’t for the colours of various books in the skinny library, the grey feel of this space would have been too cold. Since direct sunlight floods this space, the grey seems less and less of a bad choice. When you see the boldness of concrete walls and mid-century furniture, you start thinking maybe designers had a good idea for this workspace photographed by HEJM.

Concrete + Wood 

Designed by Polygons, this office space occupies a corner of the enclosed balcony. Varnished wooden planks cover one floor and continuing wall, creating an illusion and reinforcing the power of a concrete wall pierced by a concrete door. The other side of the space features large floor-to-ceiling windows defined with dark, thin frames.

Concrete + Open space

In a minimalist bedroom with herringbone floors, a vertical concrete slat with a floating desk acts as a temporary home office in the creative mind of Alexander Yukhymets who visualized the workspace above. Since the bedroom area is already open through a dividing wall between this sleeping room and the living space, fluidity of space isnot an issue.

Concrete Bedroom Walls + Floating Workspace

Visualized by Maxim Zhukov, the bedroom above makes use of the tall space it occupies to build a lofted workspace. Floating metal stairs protruding from the concrete wall lead up to the tight home office space perched above the bed.

Concrete Wall + Industrial Vibes

Our last example of a home workspace with concrete appeal is this master bedroom designed by leqb Architects. A computer desk and some bookshelves are enough for a permanent workspace in the bedroom.

The headboard’s metal fence-like detail extends behind the desk. A wall lamp extends its arm above the working area or above the bed, while the other side of the bed accomodates a hanging lamp. A Seletti Monkey Lamp sums up all artificial lighting fixtures in the room.

After seeing 10 examples of how to use concrete in your home workspace design, we can explore further, yet keeping the same grey color palette in mind:

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Lunar Grey Home Office Flashing Moon Mural

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