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Workspace Design for Marvel-Inspired Bachelor Pad

A workspace design for a bachelor pad – that must be quite a challenge for any designer that wants to please their clients.

And this studio apartment is the perfect example of how a happy client lives like. Zooming in this hero-inspired workspace, we can see how elegance has been worked in with the help of soothing tones of grey.

Metal comes in to help with storage, but also frame this frosted glass space separator that can easily close off the workspace from the rest of the living and cooking area.

An amazing detail is seen in the custom shelving unit behind the desk and chair – the way the metal bars seem to have been pulled away with supernatural power.

Zooming even further in, before we see more of the big picture, a fun translucent green fist breaks from the wall.

Zooming back out, the home office space can be seen in all its beauty, with subtle hints to Marvel stories and symbols.

Designers tell us something we would have never known otherwise: “It was an interesting story. Our client, single and a 30-year-old engineer, purchased his first apartment and committed us. After his doing a lot of research, he came to us and hoped to have a home with natural cement-based environment for him to relax after long busy work.”

“We see this house as hero’s house and combined some industrial elements. During construction, he had to keep his parents from knowing the truth that we applied cement finish to walls since normally senior people think of cement-finish house as unfinished house. Construction site was always locked to avoid his parents’ visiting”, designers continue.

We can enjoy these photos thanks to HAO Design and Hey!Cheese Photography.

The owner loves to travel and this was also included in the design by displaying industrial-looking suitcases used as side table and coffee table.

Brick walls keep a further grip on industrial design, while the movie studio lights make this home look like a superhero movie set.

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