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Gorgeous Nautical Double Kids Study and Bedroom

Designers like Nikolay Limansky manage to imagine spaces that manifest the best parts of a fantasy world right down into reality.

From the first picture to the next, anticipation rises because this bedroom spawns a nautical theme in turquoise (like the sea), white (like the clouds) and wood (like the boats) that would make many kids jealous.

Do you wonder where the photographer took the first photo from? The one looking at the double study desk from somewhere above? Let’s discover this wonderland filled with sailing motifs and a functional nautical playground to match.

Two desktop computers occupy the tabletop under the window, with one side of the study desk resting on the shelving unit to the right, while the other side permeates the blackboard painted on the wall. Matching desk chairs keeps a balance between the children sharing the room.

Connected to this massive storage space that occupies an entire wall, the desktop was made out of wood. This way designers can accentuate the tech areas of the room – the study surface and TV nook. Even this storage space has round cutouts on the top part to maintain this nautical theme we’re about to see in full spendor.

Changing perspectives, like in life, is always rewarded – this time we’re switching sides of the room and discovering the fantastic sailing wonderland complete with a bed lifted to the same height as the cockpit in the boat mural painted on the wall.

This functional nautical playground has all things needed to go on an adventure every day: two comfortable beds, a kids’ gym, a wooden world map and all the little details that compose this sailor fantasy.

This double kids bedroom is part of the same home as one of the home offices here – 10 Multifunctional Bedrooms – Vanity to Workspace – so you can see how the same color of wood was kept in both rooms, creating a visual connection between where the adult work from home and where the kids study from home.

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