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Achromatic Bedroom Workspace in Neoclassic Style

Some bedroom home offices were designed to explore this modern use of the bedroom for more than its intended purpose. Today’s example is one of them – a stunning use of classic and modern styles blended in a simple combination of non-colors.

If you love white, grey and black, maintaining an achromatic design all over the house is a good way of keeping an elevated mood that stays the same throughout. As you move from one room to the next, your eyes explore this well-thought combination of shapes, non-colors and textures.

Inside a 128 sqm apartment, Rusian studio Buro Architects imagined this workspace partially secluded from the bedroom. According to the design brief, owners wanted something that blends classic and modern design, so architects imagined a design that charms with its elegance and blends relaxation and work.

“The owners of the apartment wanted to create a modernized classic interior. The rich stucco base of the interior creates an overall classic style. At the same time, modern furniture and color zoning makes the interior more lively and interesting”, designers explain.

Finding a charming way of inducing a soothing atmosphere is a skill reserved for talented designers. And finding a designer that can put your ideas into practice and create your dream bedroom workspace is one of those things you remain thankful for. This particular bedroom home office shows that even in a neoclassical interior, the balcony area can be more on the modern side and it still looks amazing. The attention to details can leave you in awe.

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A bedroom with a workspace that gives you the possibility of feeling comfortable during long work hours can also be a tight space, like this Small Home Workspace Exuding White & Grey Simplicity. But once your bedroom is large enough and also has a balcony where you can set up a home office, the design possibilities change.

Using black, white and grey makes it easier for the eye to perceive the intricate details seen on the walls and ceiling. Lined with modern LEDs in contrasting black, the white ceiling helps balance the dark grey accent wall at the head of the bed. The rest of the lights were kept in a minimalist range, looking almost hidden in the overall design.

During the day, dark slat doors keep the workspace private while also allowing daylight to pass throguh and reach all the way to the closet, seen behind the same kind of doors. The balcony used as a home office has a more modern take, with a floating desk burrowed under the window and a sleek black set of shelves lining a part of one of the walls. A light grey curtain can be risen or lowered whenever needed and having such big windows is always a plus.

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There are many ways of adding a space in the bedroom where you can work from and we’re happy to showcase some of the most stunning examples. See for yourself:

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