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Fot WFH Gadget: More Than a Vacuum Cleaner & Air Diffuser

Working from home has taken us up to new levels of time manangement. We’ve talked about habits, routines and rituals before and today we’re discovering what the pandemic and WFH scenarios inspired designers to create.

While doing your work from home, some work breaks can be used to move around, clean up and relax even before the workday is done. Some observed this trending move towards owning your time manangement to high standards and a team of Seoul-based designers imagined and created a modular gear that can function as a charging station, vacuum cleaner, air diffuser, timer, and mood operator.

Designers Yeowon Kim, Jong Seung Kim, Daeun Kim, and TaeJune Youn imagined the modular WFH appliance called Fot as a minimalist helper around the house that gives a sense of the future with its fascinating design and fun interactions.

People that use work breaks to clean up around the house might take a closer look at this gadget that makes WFH easier by automatizing the housework. Fot’s modular design allows its multiple functions and makes chores more entertaining.

Whenever you get up as a ritual to take a work break, a chore can be inserted as a fun interaction with objects especially designed to offer us more than just mere functional features. Imagine having a Stoic Standing Mat 100 years ago – it makes no sense, and yet it works so well in our modern society.

Truth is that even when you choose the best location for your home office or you’re extremely happy with your remote caravan or garden pod – any and all these spaces need to be cleaned. You also need to relax and who doesn’t like an air diffuser to use while meditating during the work breaks. By simply placing the ring-shaped remote control on the diffuser module, the module’s fog function gets activated.

And all that’s left to do it kick back, relax and enjoy stillness. These moments throughout the day have a great impact on our routine and you can design your own favorite string of events that need to happen daily so that these moments are fitted into your schedule. Fot helps you time these moments and manange your time, also providing relaxation during breaks and help you keep your surroundings clean.

Four modular elements compose Fot and each looks like it came from the Jetson’s home. Rounded shapes that look organic contrast the achromatic shape. A crisp white design makes you feel like you’re touching the future and its functions remind you that the future is now. And a gadget like this, crisp and modern in both design and functions can easily go with at least one of these 6 Futuristic Home Workspaces That Place You in Command.

Working from home can look however you want it to look. It’s up to you if you choose a traditional luxury style or a high-tech futuristic workspace. You can even choose a custom office design like this Star Wars Desk and Chair Set. So, how do you prefer to work from home? Explore these inspiring home office setups for more visual candy and ideas:

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