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10 Remarkable Mezzanine Workspaces

Lifting your work up to the next level can actually mean setting up your WFH setup up high, at the mezzanine level. Today we’re going to be exploring 10 remarkable mezzanine in-home workspaces you can draw inspiration from.

Mezzanine Workspace Extending Available Space

Many mezzanine levels have a bedroom setup overlooking the rest of the home. This privacy-inducing level up can also create the opportunity for setting up a workspace right next to the bed. In this apartment designed by Martin’s Architect, the home office area and sleeping space extended the available space from 48 to 60 square meters.

Contemporary WFH Setup Under the Skylight

Visualised by Shexia Space Design, this graceful mezzanine WFH setup uses all available resources to make the owner’s life easier. Under an illuminating skylight, a contemporary desk and modern chair make up the workspace, while a shelving unit lining the wall behind offers plenty of storage space used mostly for books and decorations.

Minimalist Design for Mezzanine Level

Another striking contemporary home office design lifted up at the mezzanine level comes from architects Maksym Iuriichuk and Dmitriy Sivak. Zig-zagging lines create a modern chair while the desk is a slat of wood that seems to be floating thanks to the glass railings. Chocolate colored, the home office furniture contrasts white walls while being grounded in the wooden floor.

More inspiration: 10 Floating Work Desks Sprinkled Around Modern Bedrooms.

How to Use Light in Your Home Office

Out next home office mezzanine level comes from the portfolio of D3 Design and was imagined for a luxury home in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. Using guided light to create visual focus on the working surface, as well as indirect light coming from under the desk, designers added depth to an otherwise minimalist WFH setting.

More inspiration: Using Lights To Color Grade Your Home Office Studio

Glazed Mezzanine Home Office

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the owner of this stunning mezzanine home office to take in the view of the tall vertical garden and neighboring facades outside. Designed by Romanian architect Valentin Turuianu, this corner workspace in white and wood feels like a transparent invitation to bring the outside in.

Mezzanine Workspace Above the Entrance

Zrobim Architects created this mezzanine workspace in the only place possible in this 50 square meter apartment apartment – above the entrance door. That’s how you keep an bird’s eye view on your home territory, from a wooden-cladded workspace that probably feels like a bird’s nest – a very tech savy bird’s nest.

Industrial Base for a Soft-Colored Lofted Workspace

We’re moving on to this industrial-inspired lofted space built from metal painted black to contrast the otherwise soft-colored interior deisgn in this home designed by Aleksandr Andreychikov. Standing on a wooden platform that softens the overall look and creates multifunctional spaces, this lofted home office was visually connected to the space underneath with a library that seems to be continued from floor to ceiling.

Modern Mezzanine under Cathedral Ceilings

Visualized by Curly Studio, this compact floor plan with taller than usual A-shaped ceilings hides a home office perched up at the mezzanine level. The double workspace desk seems to be floating thanks to glass railings that also hint to the bedroom area beyond when looking from the living room perspective. Spacious and airy, the whole living and working space is well-designed and compartmentalized – just look how seamlessly the kitchen volume with a bathroom hidden behind it looks.

More inspiration: 10 Double Workspace Designs: Sharing Your WFH Setup

Glazed In-Home Office in Lofted Home

Hidden in plain sight, this next in-home office designed by Natalya Shevchuk can easily be closed off from view with the help of a dark curtain. Grey and white were used to create a softness inside this home, while wooden insertions create a warm feeling. This warmth was entended into the aquarium-like home office where the only bright white colors are the desk and computer on it.

More inspiration: 7 Glass Home Offices to Inspire Your Own

Massive Windows Light up Mezzanine Workspace

Our last mezzanine home office takes advantage of massive windows flooding the space with natural light. Designed by Jodie Miller, Myra Jewell, and Jesse Holloway, the elevated office spacebreaks the monotony of white walls with green decor and black details. Built-in shelves line the walls and offer plenty of storage space for all things needed during the work day. Accesible via a flight of stairs missing the railings, this private space is part of the living room but also offers a birds eye view of the rest of the social areas.

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